7th pay commission: Government’s announcement- 50% dearness allowance will be given!


7th Pay Commission DA Hike: A big good news has come even before the DA hike for central government employees.
The government has told that soon there will be an increase in the salary of the employees. The DA received by the employees will increase from 42 percent to 50 percent… Yes, this will directly increase the salary of central employees by about Rs 9000 every month. Let us tell you when the government is going to increase DA.

will grow in july

Let us tell you that the government has increased the DA of central employees by 4 percent in the month of March, after which the dearness allowance has increased to 42 percent. This increase has come into effect from January 2023. Now the next dearness allowance is to be announced from July 2023. It is expected that the next hike will also be 4 per cent.
There will be a bumper increase in salary

Let us tell you that in the midst of rising inflation, there is bound to be a substantial increase in the allowances of the employees. Dearness allowance for the employees may bring a salary hike in the coming times.

After reaching 50 per cent DA will be zero.

The rule of dearness allowance is that when the government implemented the 7th Pay Commission in the year 2016, the dearness allowance was made zero at that time. According to the rules, as soon as the dearness allowance reaches 50 percent, it will be reduced to zero and according to 50 percent, the money received by the employees as allowance will be added to the basic salary i.e. minimum salary.

Salary will increase by Rs 9000

Let us tell you that if the basic salary of an employee is Rs 18000, then he will get Rs 9000 of 50% DA. But, when the DA will be 50 per cent, it will be added to the basic pay and again the dearness allowance will be reduced to zero.


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7th pay commission: Government’s announcement- 50% dearness allowance will be given!

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