All sins would have been washed away if the corrupt had joined the BJP: Congress MP Shakti Singh Gohil said – Tribal women are being insulted at the inauguration of the new Parliament House

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  • Congress MP Shakti Singh Gohil Said – Tribal Women Are Being Insulted At The Inauguration Of The New Parliament House

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20 opposition parties have announced boycott from this program regarding the inauguration of the new Parliament House. Congress leaders attacked the Modi government by holding press conferences at 35 places across the country. Congress leader and minister in Gujarat government Shakti Singh Gohil held a press conference at PCC in Bhopal. KK Mishra, President of Congress Media Department, Kamal Nath’s Media Advisor Piyush Babele and Shobha Ojha, in-charge of Congress’s front departments were present in this press conference. Gohil said – Prime Minister is not calling the country’s tribal women who are sitting on the biggest constitutional post in the country. They say that I will inaugurate the Parliament House. This is the arrogance of the one who had a golden Lanka, his arrogance also did not last. The people of Karnataka have rejected the BJP, mistakes were made after mistakes during the time of Corona.

In the press conference, Gohil said- Today, if someone speaks the truth, then ED, CBI comes after him. From where Kharge’s sons were contesting during the Karnataka elections. There, income tax raids were conducted at small Congress workers. And Kharge Saheb’s sons came after winning the election well. In the same Karnataka, crores of rupees are received from BJP MLA’s, Lokayukta raids, corruption money is received. But neither ED goes there. Neither do the people of income tax go. Cases are filed against those who are corrupt, but if the same corrupt person joins the BJP, all his sins are washed away. If the corrupt go to BJP after becoming clean, then all the cases get closed.

BJP had made big promises nine years ago.
Shakti Singh Gohil said that 9 years ago, the people of the country had voted for BJP with great hope. BJP had talked a lot at that time. There was talk of doubling the income of the farmers, but the income did not increase, but the cost increased manifold. , Amit Shah had said in an interview that what is said at the time of elections is not to be implemented. That is a jumla. As a responsible opposition party, I want to put some facts before the public.
The government did not answer Rahul’s questions
Gohil said- In a democracy, Rahul Gandhi has asked 9 years and 9 questions about aspects directly related to the public. Not a single one of these 9 questions raised by Rahul Gandhi was answered. Common citizens are being taxed and some friends are being made rich. We have to bring cooking gas from the international market. LPG prices in the international market during the BJP government are much lower than what they were during the UPA government. Gas has become cheaper in the international market. But despite that, today a cylinder worth ₹ 400 is available for more than 1100 rupees. When our Congress government was in power, crude oil in the international market was Rs 114 per barrel. When the public was worried about inflation, Modi ji had said that inflation is an issue, this question should be asked to the ruling party. But now Modi ji should be asked whether inflation is not an issue?

Shakti Singh Gohil showing the Prime Minister's old statement on the iPad.

Shakti Singh Gohil showing the Prime Minister’s old statement on the iPad.

Congress did not do politics on issues of national-international security.
Gohil said- We have never done politics over terrorism, foreign policy, the security of the nation. We put the interest of the country above the interest of the party. Incidents of attack on Akshardham Temple, Red Fort took place during the BJP rule but we did not do politics on it. After the Pulwama attack, Rahul Gandhi was asked by media colleagues whether this is not an intelligence failure? At that time, when the elections were in front, Rahul Gandhi did not do politics and said that this is the time to be with our soldiers who have been martyred and not for politics. Now the questions have been raised by the Governor appointed by BJP but Modi ji is silent. If you speak about China-Pakistan, you will be considered a traitor. The soldiers of the Bihar Regiment were martyred. He used to say that he will bring 10 heads for one head, but what happened?
BJP MP told the handiwork of China, but the government is silent
Shakti Singh Gohil showed a statement and said – Senior BJP MP Tapir Gao has written that China has built a road on our border. China has come inside our border and picks up our people and takes them to China. BJP’s MP is saying this, yet Modi ji is silent. Our country is not an industrial country, it is an agricultural country. The black law was the strength of the farmers, Modi ji was forced to withdraw it, but the promise made at the time of the agreement has not been fulfilled till date, the minimum support price has not been implemented till the election, where was the Prime Minister, I myself am the farmer forgive the debt

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