Arrest of the accused who spoiled the beauty of Theme Road: Thieves had stolen the railing and sold it to scrap, three accused including scrap were arrested

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  • The Thieves Had Stolen The Railing And Sold It To Scrap, Three Accused Including Scrap Were Arrested

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Thieves had stolen the railing installed on Thim Road, which is called the lifeline of the city. Till now the thieves had stolen the iron railings installed in many parts of Thim Road. Today the City Kotwali police have arrested three thieves who stole the railing. Stolen railings have also been recovered from a scrap dealer living in the Barodi area of ​​the city on the spot of the thieves.

Them Road was built under the special supervision of the cabinet minister, CM has also praised

Let us tell you that the Thim Road area of ​​the city was specially put under his supervision by regional MLA and cabinet minister Yashodhara Raje Scindia. Special care was taken for beautification on this Thim Road. Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan has also praised it from the stage.

thieves caught

Kotwali in-charge Amit Singh Bhadauria said that he had received information that some youths were carrying out theft incidents. Police arrested Chhotu Adivasi son Pappu Adivasi age 23 years, Balveer Adivasi son Badami Adivasi age 35 years, Asaram Adivasi who stole railing after information. All the three accused are residents of Sahran in Barodi.

These three thieves used to steal railings from Theme Road and sell them to a scrap dealer named Gayajit, a resident of Barodi. The police recovered four railings from Gaijait, a scrap dealer, and arrested the scrap dealer as well.

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