ATM transaction: New update…! New rules come into force on ATMs from today, charges will be levied


Many changes take place in the country from the first date of every month. Its direct impact will be on the pocket of the common man.

These changes include many things from GST rules to ATM transactions etc. Now the companies have to upload the electronic invoice on the IRP within seven days from the generation of the electronic invoice. PNB will be charged from today even if the ATM transaction fails. Brokers will not be able to take bank guarantees from customers’ money. At the same time, Tata and Audi increased the prices of their vehicles. Let us tell you about the changes from today.

Charges will apply if ATM transaction fails

The customers of Punjab National Bank (PNB) are going to get a big shock. If a PNB customer does not have money in his account and does an ATM transaction and it fails, the bank will charge for this transaction. Rs 10 and GST will be charged separately on such transactions. Information in this regard has been given by sending messages to the customers on behalf of the bank. Apart from this, a notice has also been issued on the website of the bank. This rule is coming into force from 1 May 2023.

Tata Motors has again increased the prices of cars.

In terms of sales, the country’s number-3 car company Tata Motors has announced that it is going to increase the prices of all its cars and their models. The company is increasing the prices of all its models by up to 0.6 percent. Tata has increased the prices for the second time this year. Audi is also going to increase the prices of its vehicles. Luxury SUVs Q3 and Q3 Sportback will see a price hike of up to Rs 1 lakh. The Audi Q8 Celebration, Audi RS5 and the Audi S5 will see a price hike of up to Rs 4 lakh.

Brokers will not be able to take new bank guarantees from customers’ money

The broker used to keep investors’ money with the bank for guarantee as per their requirement and in such a situation there was a possibility of misuse of the money of common investors. But from May 1, brokers will not be able to do this. Markets regulator SEBI recently said in a circular that stock brokers and clearing members cannot pledge client money to banks as a guarantee. The existing bank guarantees, which are in place now, will be canceled by September 30.

Receipt has to be uploaded in 7 days

Companies whose total turnover is Rs 100 crore or more will now have to upload electronic invoices ie receipts on the Invoice Registration Portal ie IRP within 7 days from May 1. Till now there was no such time limit. GST Network said that in order to ensure timely compliance, taxpayers falling within the prescribed turnover limit will not get the facility to report uploading of invoices older than seven days. People who do not do this will not be able to take advantage of Input Tax Credit ie ITC.


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ATM transaction: New update…! New rules come into force on ATMs from today, charges will be levied

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