Backward Singrauli in NITI Aayog report: Electricity is not coming in many villages of the district, daughters and daughters-in-law do not want to come home


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  • Electricity Is Not Coming In Many Villages Of The District, Daughters And Daughters In Law Do Not Want To Come Home

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Singrauli surrounded by natural beauty and forests, in today’s era, it has made its identity in the form of electricity, coal, gold production. This area got the stain of backwardness in the report of NITI Aayog. There is a store of mineral wealth in this area, a large amount of electricity, coal and gold are being produced here. This is the reason why the state gets maximum revenue from here. Earlier this area was famous as punishment for black water.

What is the story behind this….

It is said that Singrauli was originally called Shringavalli, named after the sage Shringi. Rishi Shringi was a famous Hindu sage of the Ramayana era of ancient India. In the pre-independence period, the princely state of Singrauli belonged to the Rewa Estate. It was the most difficult region of the kingdom covered with dense forests and inhospitable terrain, which made it almost impossible to cross. For this reason, the kings of the princely state of Rewa used Singrauli as an open prison, to imprison errant citizens and officials. Whenever the king of Rewa princely state decided to punish someone with black water, he used to make him a prisoner and send him to this area. This is the reason why this area is also known as the punishment of black water.

addicted to his own light

In front of power houses and these power plants of Asia’s biggest power companies, the dilapidated villages and dark settlements adjacent to the dwarfs. This picture is of Singrauli, the powerhouse, where electricity illuminates the country and abroad, but still it is one of the most backward areas of the country.

Neha Vishwakarma, daughter of neighboring district Sidhi, got married in the year 2018 at Naugai-2 in Chitrangi area of ​​Urjadhani Singrauli district, but most of her time is being spent in maternal home. The village’s daughter Nisha also went to her in-laws house after marriage, so her maternal uncle has hardly come. These two names are just hallmarks. In reality, most of the daughters-in-law of the village are living in maternal home or other places instead of in-laws. Daughters also rarely return to their homes. The reason is that there is no electricity system in the village till now.

Due to lack of electricity in her in-laws house, Neha, who is living in her maternal home, says that the village has a population of 200 houses, but there is no proper arrangement for electricity and roads. This is the reason why she and many other daughters-in-law like her are not able to live in their in-laws house even if they want to. Like her, the condition of other daughters of the village is also there, who are not able to come to their maternal home after marriage. The whole village is troubled without electricity, but there is no one to listen. There is no road to reach the village.

Two years ago, a pole was installed in the village to make arrangements for electricity supply, but the wire has not been laid yet. A few months ago there was an outcry from the villagers, so a transformer was also installed there. Till now neither the wire has been laid nor the power supply has been started. As a result people are sweltering with the temperature in excess of 42 degree centigrade.

sons not getting married

Here no one wants to marry the daughter. This is the reason that almost every house in the village has at least one marriageable son. Seeing the bad condition of electricity and roads in the village, no one wants to have a relationship with his daughter there.

Officials of the Electricity Department said that Singrauli had earlier started work to make power supply system under the scheme, but the working agency left the work in the middle and ran away, hence the scheme was closed. Now trying again. There are some more such hamlets left.


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Backward Singrauli in NITI Aayog report: Electricity is not coming in many villages of the district, daughters and daughters-in-law do not want to come home

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