Betul MLA said – Government is doing favoritism: Electricity company canceled works approved from MLA fund


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Congress’s Betul MLA Nilay Daga alleged that the government was doing partial work in the assemblies of Congress MLAs. The works of approved schemes in the Ministry are stopped and development works are deliberately being obstructed.

Referring to the Betul Assembly Constituency, the MLA said that in Betul Assembly Constituency, about 33 sanctioned works from the MLA Fund were canceled by the Electricity Company. Alleged that the development works of Congress MLAs are being deliberately kept pending by the government.

These works were approved from MLA fund

Sky whistle call electrification work in village Batama from MLA fund, electrification work behind Prakash rolling shutter in village Sonaghati, installation of 3 electric poles till Narayan Malviya’s house in village Khakrajmathi, Jharbade’s house, electrification work next to Lado hostel in Manjhi Nagar Installation of 3 electric poles from Shiva Gaikwad’s house to Ravi Prajapati’s house, installation of 02 poles and 100 KVA transformer from Rajesh Jhapate’s house to Mahesh Khakre’s house in Durga Ward Katladhana, Ashish Panwar’s house behind Ramakrishna College in Khanjanpur Installation of 4 electric poles from near, electrification work from Sunita Bhade’s house to river, electrification work from Abdul Sattar’s house to river in Moti ward, installation of 01 electric pole from Banjare’s house to Barskar’s house in Moti ward, Sonahill Installation of 25 KVA transformer and 5 poles from Jitendra Jugalsingh’s house to Nandkishore Panwar’s house on Colony Chakkar Road, electrification work in colony adjacent to Ganesh Panwar’s farm in Gauthana, Ramesh from Ganna Bardi in Gadaghat Tikari to Hemraj Bobde’s house in Ambedkar Ward Electrification work up to Makode’s house, installation of 2 electric poles from Pandey’s house to Pal’s house behind Balakdas Baba in Kidwai Ward Gauthana, installation of 4 electric poles near Vidyarthi School in Kidwai Ward Gauthana, near Sharma Petrol Pump in Kidwai Ward Back 1 Installation of electric pole.


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Betul MLA said – Government is doing favoritism: Electricity company canceled works approved from MLA fund

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