Big accident averted: Gas cylinder exploded while cooking at home, four houses burnt

Chhatarpur (Madhya Pradesh)33 minutes ago

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A gas cylinder caught fire while cooking food in village Pahra of Gaurihar subdivision of Chhatarpur district. It exploded in no time. Due to the explosion of the cylinder, the fire spread everywhere in the house. By the time the fire was brought under control, three more houses were engulfed in flames. In no time, all the belongings of the household were destroyed by fire. The villagers kept trying to extinguish the fire with less resources, due to which the fire could not reach other residential areas.

Fire spread due to cylinder explosion

The incident took place on Tuesday evening where Mundan Sanskar was organized at the house of Chunnu Goswami, a resident of Pehra. In which relatives from outside also came to participate. In which there were also children and women. Food was being prepared for everyone in front of the main gate when suddenly due to leaking gas cylinder it caught fire and got blasted.

After the explosion of the cylinder, the fire spread rapidly all around and the kutcha house started burning in smoke. As soon as the fire broke out, there was chaos in the house. Had the fire not been prevented from spreading amidst strong winds, the fire would have spread to dozens of houses. In this incident, the jewellery, mobiles, cash and clothes etc. belongings of the women who had reached from outside in Mundan Sanskar were destroyed by burning.

Women and children were rescued after great difficulty

First of all, the fire engulfed the door and the surrounding area after the cylinder exploded at the main door. After which no one could go inside. Gathering courage, the villagers and the landlord entered inside by scaling the five feet wall built behind and the women and children were taken out safely after reaching outside the wall.

Meanwhile, Chunnu Goswami thought to see once more whether anyone is left. He went inside and saw that a five-year-old little girl was crying in the other room hiding in a quilt due to fear. He too was somehow pulled out from the flames. Meanwhile, the rural youth also pushed the buffalo and its calf out of the five feet wall. Due to the courage and understanding of the youth, a major incident could be saved.

Fire reached three more houses from Chunnu’s house

In this horrific arson, apart from Chunnu Goswami, three more houses were burnt to ashes. The fire from Chunnu’s house had reached the house of Siyaram Bhurji, then Chhote Yadav and later Munna Yadav. According to the villagers, due to lack of adequate means to extinguish the fire, it could not be controlled soon. Although water also came from the tankers that were started next to it, but the fire spreading with the strong winds could be extinguished after a lot of effort.

Tehsildar along with SDM visited the spot

In the case, SDM Devendra Chaudhary and Tehsildar Akash Neeraj jointly visited the spot and met the victim’s family. The SDM has instructed the Patwari and the Revenue Inspector to assess the damage caused by the arson and submit the report. He has also assured of providing all possible help from the government. He has directed the concerned salesmen to provide ration to the victim’s family immediately.

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