Complaint reached to police: Cyber ​​attack on the server of Power Management Company of MP, internet stalled, account in danger

Jabalpur / Bhopal25 minutes ago

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There has been a cyber attack on the server of MP Power Management Company (PMC).

There has been a cyber attack on the server of MP Power Management Company (PMC). Due to this, the internet was stopped in the company’s office. Online mode company is not able to do any work. The company’s account is also at risk. Apart from this, there is also a possibility of leakage of information about purchase and sale of electricity. For the last four days, the company’s IT cell is trying to find out the matter, but it has not got any concrete information in its hands.

Thereafter, a complaint was lodged by the company with the Gorakhpur police station in Jabalpur. In the complaint also, it has been mentioned about the cyber attack on the server. After the complaint, the police have started investigating. The server is used by the officers and staff of PMC.

In this, many other works including accounts, electricity purchase and sale, human resources, establishment are done. The company’s server was suddenly hacked by hackers on Tuesday. The entire system of the company has come to a standstill as soon as the server is hacked. Significantly, MP Power Transmission Company, another power company of the state, has already secured its system from cyber attack.

All work stopped due to glitch in P-3 server

“Due to a glitch in the company’s server, no work is being done. Everything from human resources to work is getting affected. Only the IT department can give information about the technical fault in the server.”
– Rajeev Gupta, CGMA HRA, PMC

“A complaint has been given by MPPMC to the police station, in which the company’s server has been hacked. The matter is being investigated through cyber cell.”
– Arvind Choubey,

TI Gorakhpur, Jabalpur

“Investigation was done due to non-availability of internet, then a case of cyber attack has come to the fore. Investigation is being done and rectification work will be done soon.”
– Rita Khetrapal, CGM IT, PCM

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