Crime meeting in Police Control Room Auditorium: SP gave instructions for quick disposal of pending cases and action against gambling

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A crime meeting was organized in the auditorium of the Police Control Room at 5 pm on Sunday. In this meeting, SP Alok Kumar Singh has instructed all station in-charges and SDOPs to get quick disposal of pending cases and to take action by campaigning against gambling, betting, illegal drug business.

SP Alok Kumar Singh said effective night patrolling to prevent theft and other incidents, effective use of CCTNS system for immediate uploading of all actions, effective investigation of pending marg cases, missing person complaints, warrants in Tamilo Instructed to pay special attention and expedite preventive action. The directions of the High Court should be followed and the notices of the High Court should be served within the time limit. History sheeter hooligans should be checked, preventive action should be taken against anti-social elements, swift action should be taken against mafia, during this meeting SDOP Raju Rajak, DSP Headquarters Sheela Surana, SDOP Baroda Praveen Asthana Shivpur and all other departments of Baroda The station in-charge was present.

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