Death of an elderly man going from Mumbai to Gorakhpur in a train: landed at Burhanpur station, the representative of the corporation president got the post-mortem done and performed the last rites in Lalbagh itself.

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  • Landed At Burhanpur Station, The Representative Of The Corporation President Got The Postmortem Done And Performed The Last Rites In Lalbagh Itself.

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An old man going from Mumbai to Gorakhpur with his family died in a moving train. He had respiratory illness. The family was going from Mumbai to Gorakhpur by Kushinagar Express when the old man died due to ill health at around 2 am.

The family was dropped at Burhanpur railway station. In the morning, the representative of Municipal Corporation President Anita Amar Yadav and former councilor Amar Yadav came to know about this, then he reached the district hospital and got the post-mortem done. Along with this, the last rites were performed at Muktidham located in Lalbagh.

this is the case

Actually, Ram Sahni was going from Thane in Mumbai to Gorakhpur UP with his son Pramod and daughter Nirmala. Around 2 o’clock in the night, 65-year-old Ram Sahni’s health suddenly deteriorated in a moving train and he died shortly after. When the train reached Burhanpur, the family was dropped here, but there was trouble as there was no identity at the local level. Then some people gave the number of Municipal Corporation President’s husband. The family contacted him. Corporation president husband reached the district hospital and after conducting the postmortem, the dead body was cremated in Lalbagh itself.

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