Decision taken in the society meeting: The statue of Mahatma Jyotiba and Mata Savitri Bai will be installed at another place


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The statue of Mahatma Jyotiba Phule and Mata Savitribai Phule, installed at Sarekha Chowk, is coming up in the construction area of ​​the Y-shaped overbridge to be built on the Gondia-Jabalpur Sarekha railway crossing. It will be removed from the fixed site and installed at an alternative place nearby. After the construction of the overbridge, it will be decided where to install it here. This decision was taken in the meeting of social office bearers and social people in the social building of the society.

Marar Mali Samaj has given its consent to remove the statue coming in the overbridge construction area. After that, BJP city president Surjit Singh Thakur, in the presence of NAPA engineer, has alternately selected the place where the statue will be installed at the corner place of the railway near the present statue site.

It may be noted that the construction work of the much-awaited Sarekha Railway Over Bridge has started slowly, however, the way construction work and encroachment, delay in shifting of drinking water pipeline and electricity poles, definitely affects the pace of work. Is falling However, slowly work is being done to repair the works which are becoming a hindrance in speeding up the construction work. In this episode, the matter of shifting the statue installation has been resolved and after the permission of the society, the municipality has started removing the statue and installing it in an alternative place.

On Sunday, June 11, Overbridge construction agency Pranjal Group, Engineer of Bridge Corporation and social brothers of Marar Mali Samaj Prakash Panche, KD Pancheshwar, Sant Panche, Ganpat Kavre, Netram Pancheshwar, Jaipal Gadewar, Rambhau Pancheshwar, City President Chhabiram Nageshwar, Ramu Thackeray, The meeting was held in the presence of Nandram Kavre, Kamlesh Panche, Sarekha Marar Mali Samaj President Dr. CL Panche, Deepak Matre and MLA representative Surjit Singh Thakur. The society gave its consent for the removal of the statue, assuring that it will be with the development work of the city.

In this matter, Commission Chairman Gaurishankar Bisen said that the trust of the people of the society is my life capital. He expressed gratitude to the senior people of the society for their consent and cooperation in the construction work of development.


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Decision taken in the society meeting: The statue of Mahatma Jyotiba and Mata Savitri Bai will be installed at another place

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