Dial100 did not reach on time, that’s why the murder happened!


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  • An Elderly Man Was Beaten To Death With A Stick And An Ax In A Dispute Over Digging Soil For A Pond In Bijepani.

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In Bijepani village of Chand this morning, an old man was killed by hitting him with an ax and thrashing him with a stone. Here, a middle-aged man lost his life while digging the soil of a pond. According to the police, Bijepani resident Budhman Choure’s father Babbu Choure, aged 52, had a dispute with his neighbors Ramgopal Vishwakarma and Krishna Gopal Vishwakarma over digging soil for a pond in their village.

After which there was fierce stone pelting between the two this morning, due to which Budhman Choure was badly injured and his relatives brought him to the hospital in critical condition where he died. The police have arrested the accused Ramgopal, Krishna Gopal, Meena Vishwakarma and Ramprasad Vishwakarma and sent them to jail. At present, the police is investigating in this matter.

dial hundred did not reach on time

It is said that there was a dispute between the two parties regarding the excavation in the land. The dispute took place last night as well, the aggrieved party appealed to Dial Hundred and Tehsildar and Patwari to get justice. But no one reached the spot. This morning, 4 people from the accused side had a dispute again, after which they attacked Budhram Choure with an ax and threw a stone on his head.

While his two sons were also beaten up. The police have registered a case against the accused after establishing a marg. The son of the deceased has accused the police that if the police had come late at night, his father would not have been murdered in the morning.


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Dial100 did not reach on time, that’s why the murder happened!

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