Disclosure of the murder of a young man in Khurai: Due to illegal relations, aunt-uncle had killed their lives with an axe; Accused arrested from Damoh district

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  • Due To Illegal Relations, Aunt And Uncle Killed Themselves By Hitting An Axe; Accused Arrested From Damoh District

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The youth was murdered two days ago in Khurai village of Sagar district. Disclosing the matter on Thursday, the police arrested his uncle and aunt. Police said that the youth had illicit relations with his aunt. The young man was defaming uncle and aunt in the village. Due to this uncle and aunt killed him by slitting his throat with an axe. The dead body was thrown in the neighbor’s field.

On the morning of May 16, the body of Chhotu alias Kamlesh Rackwar (23) was found lying in the fields of Aichnawara village under Khurai Dehat police station area. He was murdered by slitting his neck. Police disclosed and arrested the accused. SDOP Sumit Kerketta told in the press conference that the youth Chhotu alias Kamlesh had relations with the aunt of his relation. Controversy also used to happen on this issue. Distressed by this, the uncle and aunt of the deceased planned and killed him.

Aunt called him to a field on the pretext of 12 o’clock in the night of 14th May. His uncle, who was hiding there, killed him by thrice on his neck with an axe. Dragged him further and hid him in the field of Balkishan Ahirwar. The accused explained to Chhotu several times before the incident, but he was not agreeing.

Uncle and aunt went to the wedding after the murder

After killing the nephew, the uncle and aunt had gone to Patharia in Damoh district on May 15 to attend their relative’s wedding. After the marriage, on the morning of 16th May, the aunt went to her maternal home. Where he told the whole incident to his brother. Brother helped them and took them to the forest and hid them.

Police arrested from 178 km away

When the body of the youth was found on May 16, the police swung into action and formed a team to arrest the accused. When the team reached Patharia, it was found that the uncle and aunt had left. After this the team reached the woman’s maternal home. When his brother was found there, he was not cooperating with the police. When the police interrogated him, he told that he had hidden both of them in the forest. Late night search was done in the dense forest and no one was found there.

After this, his uncle’s call came on his brother’s mobile, then he told that he had left his sister’s house 40 km away from village Khamiriya police station Nohta district Damoh. After this, the police caught the uncle and reached Khamiriya village. Here also the police had to work hard. The police went 178 km away in 24 hours and arrested the accused uncle-aunt.

Bad condition of children crying

The couple arrested for the murder of their nephew has three children. There are two boys and one girl among them. The elder boy is 10 years old, the younger boy is 5 years old and the youngest is a 3 year old girl. When the police started taking their parents away, the children started crying loudly. The police have left the three children at her grandmother’s place.

Woman Sagar and husband went to Khurai Jail

The accused uncle and aunt were presented by the police in the Khurai court. From where the woman has been sent to Sagar Jail and her husband to Khurai Jail. Khurai SDOP Sumit Kerketta told that the deceased had illicit relations with his aunt. Due to the fear of defamation in the village, uncle and aunt together killed their nephew.

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