Everest Conqueror Megha In Controversy As Soon As She Becomes Leader: Kamal Nath Made Ambassador, Shivraj Government Removed, Announced To Contest Elections

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Madhya Pradesh’s Megha Parmar, who conquered Everest, the world’s highest peak, was recently removed from the post of brand ambassador of Beti Bachao Beti Padhao campaign and Sanchi Dugdh Sangh by the Shivraj government. The government took this step within two days of Megha joining the Congress. Megha alleges that the BJP government could not tolerate my joining the Congress, so they removed me. Working continuously in the last 4 years, I have exposed the failures of the Shivraj government. May be this is also the reason behind this decision.

Daily newspaper TOI spoke to Megha Parmar on the matter and delved into the developments surrounding her that made headlines. In 2019, MP’s first Everest climber Ratnesh Pandey had accused Megha of being a liar. Megha has not conquered Everest. He is just expert in playing the woman card. Not only this, Ratnesh also challenged Megha for an open debate.

The whole of Madhya Pradesh has roamed; Have you seen how women are getting beaten up

Megha says that being the brand ambassador of Beti Padhao Beti Bachao Yojana, I have visited the entire 52 districts of the state. I went to about 300 villages and saw that on big political forums, big things are being done about the better condition of women and daughters, but the reality is opposite. I noticed that half of the girls’ life in summer is spent only in fetching water. How women get beaten on the birth of daughters. How are they victims of domestic violence? If you call any officer regarding all these problems, he does not even pick up the phone. During this, I had given many slogans. Even today women are using ashes wrapped in cloth during periods. Women are getting uterine cancer, but no one pays attention.

Will contest from the place where she is working; Who brought in Congress, I will not tell

Bhaskar asked Megha that by whose inspiration did you come to Congress and who launched you, Megha said that in Malwa it is said that a closed fist is of lakhs, when it is opened it turns into ashes. This simply means that if you have had a personal conversation with someone, then it should not be discussed with anyone. Unless the person in front has permission. After talking to whom I came to Congress, I will not be able to tell. As far as the assembly elections are concerned, I will contest from where I am working, where I was born. Everything will happen on the orders of the party.

Spread the news without climbing that I have conquered Everest

MP’s first Everester Ratnesh Pandey said, ‘Megha Parmar is a liar. Went on Everest climb for the first time through my company. She could not even climb completely and spread the news everywhere from there that she has become the first woman Everester of MP by conquering Mount Everest. Newspapers started getting coverage. I always supported him, but could not support the wrong.

Pandey said that the time it told that it has returned after completing the climb in two and a half to three days. I got suspicious. I confirmed by going to Nepal, she could not climb. She begged in front of me that it is a question of my career, don’t tell anyone, I will die. From where will I get 25 lakhs. Father has sold the cow and sent it. Told stories like this. I could not support the wrong, so I told the truth.

I explained to him that it is a matter of record. 25 lakhs, all the arrangements will be done again. You don’t worry Then had to accept it. He accepted in front of everyone that he could not complete the climb. She could not climb as much as she has told.

Ratnesh said – stole my eunuchs climbing idea

Ratnesh alleged that in the year 2019, she again went to climb Everest. This time she went with me. Somehow we took him upstairs. My aim has always been to promote sports. He successfully conquered Everest. Then after coming back, he was made the brand ambassador. Many things happened. Its greed came to the fore when it stole my idea and looted false accolades.

In the year 2020, we presented an idea to the administration that after the first wave of Covid, Kinnar Laxmi Narayan Tripathi and a team of 24 other eunuchs should be taken for climbing. The cost of taking a large party was also there, so I prepared all the documents. Submitted files. This journey was to begin on October 2, Gandhi Jayanti. When Megha came to know about this, she along with her partner Shobhit Nath Sharma left for climbing a week ago with a eunuch named Saurabh Kittu. He went to Lahol Valley, whatever he did there. On his return, he created a buzz that Saurabh Kittu became the first eunuch to climb a 6,000 meter mountain.

Before this we had also set out on the climb. When he came back, he came to know that Saurabh Kittu had not climbed any climb. Everything is a lie. We questioned this. They didn’t have the answer to this. We put forth all the facts. He didn’t even have a picture. Then she started playing with words. She started saying that when did we say that she climbed 6 thousand meters. Megha took advantage of her Everester that now who will raise the question of climbing a small mountain on me.

Kinner Kittu was kept with him; taught him, climbed the mountain

Megha said that in the year 2019, three of us went for climbing. Sponsored by MP Govt. Me, Bhavna Dahria and Ratnesh Pandey were there. Everyone conquered Everest. Bhavna became the first girl to scale Everest with me. Now talking about the eunuch allegation, when Kittu came to me, I kept him with me. On one hand people don’t even ask eunuchs for tea, but she stayed with me for three years. He completed his studies till 12th standard. Kept like family.

Then he showed his interest in mountaineering. I got him trained. After this, Kittu submitted the climb of Mount Labuchia. He has his certificates. She is the first eunuch in the country to climb a mountain of 6000 meters. There is always an attempt to pull back those who are moving forward. This is what is being done to me and Kittu. Kittu is the first eunuch in the country, who did a mountaineering course. She is the first eunuch who has played wrestling, she does not want to ask for congratulations. I don’t waste energy cutting anyone. Does not even react to fake allegations.

Got engaged when she was 2 years old; First fight for ghee in roti

Megha tells that I had no dream of becoming an Everester. Born in Bhojangar village of Sehore district. Had a joint family. Many of my sisters, brothers, uncles and aunts used to live in it. When I used to sit down to eat with my four brothers, grandmother used to say that if we feed the girls with rotis made of ghee, then what will we feed the boys? At that time I had to fight to get ghee applied to my rotis. Actually, in those days the economic condition of the house was not good. Even today, I like ghee-butter the most. My marriage was fixed only 2 years after I was born.

Life became more difficult when I went to my maternal uncle’s place to study.

When I grew up a little, I was sent to my maternal uncle’s place to study. Then I realized that dry bread at home was fine. When you live at another house, you also have to think about getting extra tomatoes. I had to go through many difficulties during my stay at maternal uncle’s house. After this, I returned to the village after studying till 12th standard. I was taught till 12th only so that my marksheet could be shown there when there is a society meeting for marriage. Till now my only dream was to have a fridge at my house and not have to wash utensils with ashes. I had completed 12th standard and was in the village.

My life took a big turn as soon as I reached Sehore

My room in Sehore was on the second floor. At that time there was no tap supply in the houses. I had to climb the stairs carrying a pot of water, the brothers used to bathe with that water. I used to feel bad at that time, but now I understand why that situation happened with me. He made me strong. The college professors were very nice. Used to tell about new things. Used to motivate to participate in debates. The winner used to get 3 thousand rupees a month. Those debates boosted my confidence. With the support of the same teachers, I started working with the National Service Scheme (NSS). The direction of saving energy worked. I equipped 2 villages with LEDs, then the central government selected me to represent India and sent me to Maldives. This was the biggest turning point of my life. I had a big Indian flag on my jacket.

i wanted to be the first girl from mp to climb everest

Dainik Bhaskar read, “2 MP boys conquered Everest.” No girl has been able to do it till now. When this news was published in the newspaper, the same boys were discussed in the whole college. Then I learned about mountaineering. When I gathered more information, I came to know that till now no girl from MP has been able to conquer Everest.

At that very moment, I had made up my mind that I would be that girl. At that time, I had no idea at all that how difficult it was. After this I did courses related to mountaineering. First did the basic course. Then did advanced courses and trained. I got B grade in advance course so could not do final course. This was in 2016, when I was 23 years old. During this time I had climbed a mountain of 6000 meters.

Failed at first, have to cross dead bodies

Finally in the year 2018, I went to climb Mount Everest. There are shoes of 2-2 kg in the journey, there is a bag of 36 kg. Many dead bodies have to be crossed. Climbing is very difficult. While climbing, I also knew that more than 300 climbers have lost their lives while climbing here. I had climbed up to 8 thousand 100 meters but I was left to climb 700 meters. Due to ill health, I had to come back from there. That time was very difficult for me, I was completely broken. People taunted me, but I did not lose courage.

Government sponsored and I climbed Everest in 2019

In the year 2019, the Kamal Nath government of Madhya Pradesh’s Congress sponsored me to climb Mount Everest. On 22 May 2019 at 5 am I stood on the world’s highest mountain as the first girl from MP to go to minus 52 degrees. That day was the biggest day of my life.

Government made brand ambassador; I worked from village to village, climbed mountains

The Congress government made the brand ambassador. Along with this responsibility, I have climbed many mountains. I climbed Mount Elbrus, the highest mountain in Europe. Then Mount Kosciuszko of the continent of Australia. This is how I climbed the highest mountain on 4 continents. After that I came into the role of coach. Used to give coaching to the students. After this Kovid started. After this my scuba diving journey started. Meanwhile, in the year 2022, the Cooperative Sanchi Milk Union also made me its brand ambassador. I have been removed from that post also, just 6 days after joining the Congress.

Spent all his savings to learn scuba diving, then made a world record

After becoming Everester, I was called as a speaker in many programs. From there I earned money. After covid was over, I went to Bangalore, then to Puducherry. There I decided to learn diving. It took me two and a half years of my life to learn technical diving. You can go up to 30 meters of water, but after that your body starts vibrating. It takes 10 minutes to go, but 4 to 4 and a half hours to come back. Bubbles start forming in the body, just like the ones in soft drink bottles. For this we have to come back slowly, otherwise the body can get paralyzed at any time.

Along with this, we also have to collect a lot of information about sea creatures. We have to pass by avoiding many poisonous fish, otherwise we can die from their touch. The candidate does not get the certificate even after coming out after deep diving. We have to walk slowly for two days. No heavy activity has to be done, because there are bubbles in silent form inside our body, which can cause cardiac arrest as soon as they reach the heart. After two days the bubbles are released from the body in silent form.

I was nervous in the first attempt, I also had an injury on my leg. My instructor had also gone on leave for a few days. I didn’t make any record, trained again. I started practicing for 8 hours every day. In the second attempt, I set a world record for 45m scuba diving.

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