Failed in love affair, took a dreadful step: Trainee constable swallowed poisonous substance in the bathroom of Rewa Police Training School, died in 4 hours

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  • Trainee Constable Swallows Poisonous Substance In The Bathroom Of Rewa Police Training School, Died In 4 Hours

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A new constable under Amahiya police station of Rewa city ended his life by swallowing poisonous substance. It is discussed in the sources that the trainee constable of Rewa Police Training School had recently come on duty from the village after deducting leave. He used to remain silent after coming home. It is said that the story of the failure of the love affair was told on the question of the companions. Friends explained a lot, but did not agree.

He used to be upset while talking tense things. Lunch was going on in the hostel at 1:30 pm on Saturday. Meanwhile, the constable barged inside the bathroom and locked himself. Then ate poisonous substance. Made noise when vomiting. Hearing the voice, the companions broke open the door and pulled them out. After this Sanjay Gandhi was taken to the hospital. Where the constable died during the treatment which lasted for 4 hours.

Dead constable belongs to Satna district

According to the Amahia police, the trainee constable Sachdev Chaurasia, who committed suicide, is a 25-year-old resident of Jhinna police station, Amarpatan district, Satna. He took the dreadful step on the afternoon of 20th May. The new constable of 92nd batch was taking training at Police Training School, Rewa. After suicide, treatment was going on at Sanjay Gandhi Memorial Hospital, but he died at 6 pm.

PM will be on May 21
The information about the suicide committed by Sachdev Chaurasia in the hostel of the Police Training School has been given to the Amahia Police. Senior officials have inspected the spot after the accident. Here the family members have been informed about the whole matter. Now on May 21, the team of doctors will PM in the afternoon. After this, the reasons for the suicide will be investigated by establishing a marriage.

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