‘Farmers should stop burning narwai’: Scientists said on the last day of the agricultural fair – micro-organisms in the ground are harmed


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Collector Shivraj Singh Verma while addressing the farmers on Saturday, on the concluding day of Krishi Vigyan Mela organized in Khargone, said that scientists have emphasized on increasing the number of micro-organisms in the land. For this, the farmer himself can improve the health of his land by doing two things. For this, the farmer must first stop burning the stubble that comes out of the field. Apart from this, the number of animals in our homes will have to be increased. Khargone is on the banks of Narmada and the government is giving its benefits to the farmers with the help of canals and micro irrigation schemes.

Farmers have to take care of the nutrients in their land for good production potential. During this, former Agriculture Minister Balkrishna Patidar, former Bhagwanpura MLA Jamna Singh Solanki, Chairman of District Agriculture Standing Committee Pankaj Birla, Deputy Director Agriculture ML Chauhan, Deputy Director Horticulture KK Girwal, Agricultural Scientist RK Singh, Agricultural Produce Market Secretary Jagdish Thakur and other officers were present. .

Nagpur Research Center conducted study on cotton productivity in Khargone

In the agricultural fair, agricultural scientist GS Kulmi said that more cotton is produced in Maharashtra than Khargone. This study has been done by the Nagpur Research Center. It was told in the report that 4444 plants or 7474 are planted per acre in Khargone. Whereas in Maharashtra maximum 22222 saplings are planted per acre. Here the intensive cultivation of cotton (HDP) is done. Farmer can try using this system in one acre.

Use of Trichogama Bestery will be beneficial for pest management

In the fair, agricultural scientist Dr. Kulmi said that the farmer of Khargone also invests more in cotton. Nagpur Research Center has researched Mitra Keet Trichogama Bactree for pest management. It actually lays its eggs on the eggs of harmful insects and likes to eat the larvae of harmful insects. This insect is available, farmers must use it.

Questions raised about the food system

Food was also provided to the farmers on the concluding day of the agricultural fair. Some farmers also lodged objection regarding the food arrangement on Saturday. The farmers said that the farmers were made to sit on the ground by the officials. The same place where the farmers were fed food. Water was also collecting there. Regarding this matter, Deputy Director of Agriculture Department Chauhan said that adequate arrangements were made for the farmers in the fair. The officers were entrusted with the responsibility of feeding the farmers systematically. The farmers who have raised objections regarding the food arrangement are absolutely wrong. The officials had also stopped the farmers from sitting on the ground, but due to being in a hurry, they started eating while sitting on the ground. The officers could not pick him up from there as he had started eating. There was no shortage of any kind in the two-day fair.


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‘Farmers should stop burning narwai’: Scientists said on the last day of the agricultural fair – micro-organisms in the ground are harmed

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