Fire broke out due to the negligence of the electricity company: Villagers allege – complained many times, but no hearing was held

Shivpuri2 minutes ago

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A fire broke out in some houses in Veragwan village under Bairad police station area of ​​Shivpuri district. The prudence of the villagers did not cause much damage. The fire was brought under control with the help of the fire-brigade which arrived on time.

Please tell that 11/33 KV power line has passed through Vergawan village. This power line has passed colliding with the trees of the village. According to the villagers, several complaints were lodged with the power company about pruning of tree branches to keep the electric wires away from the trees. Despite this, the company did not listen.

Jagdish of the village told that strong wind was blowing in the afternoon. Due to this, the electric wires collided with each other, due to which embers rained due to short circuit in the electric line at many places in the village, due to which fire broke out at two to three places. The villagers unitedly tried to control the fire. Also informed the fire brigade of Bairad Municipal Council. Within no time the fire brigade reached the spot, due to which the fire that broke out at different places in the village was brought under control.

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