For the first time such action: Threat of cattle rearers – will stand in front of the corporation with all the animals, the administration retaliates – will confiscate from there itself

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  • Cattle Breeders Threaten Will Take All The Animals And Stand In Front Of The Corporation, Administration’s Counterattack Will Confiscate From There Itself

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Dairy operators registering protest in front of officials during action on dairies.

As soon as the deadline for dairy displacement was over, the work of raising animals started from Tuesday by reaching the dairies operating in the city. This is the first time that the administration has taken such action against the dairy operators in the city. A total of 20 animals were caught from the dairy of 4 dairy operators located in Motinagar ward. He was sent to the Gaushala. The corporation and the district administration have prepared a plan to catch the animal.

Under which dairy operators have been selected on the basis of numbers. Those who are big dairy operators, their animals have been started to be caught from dairy. As soon as the staff of the corporation along with the police force reached the dairy operators Mukesh Pandey, Ambika Yadav, Shakti Yadav in the Motinagar ward to capture the animals, other cattle herders including Devkinandan Yadav, president of the Pashupalak Sangh, also came here.

Collector Deepak Arya, Superintendent of Police Abhishek Tiwari, Mayor’s representative Dr. Sushil Tiwari also reached here. As soon as they reached, the cattle rearers opposed the action being taken by the administration and said, it is wrong. Let us be given time. On this, from the mayor’s representative to the collector made it clear that this matter is in the interest of the city.

Animal Husbandry- We should get more time for displacement.
Collector – 6 months was given and how much time is needed? Will not get time now.
Mayor’s Representative – In the presence of Urban Administration Minister, all of you together had fixed this date. Now the date will not increase.
Animal Husbandry- You people have not kept the promise, there are no arrangements on the spot.
Collector – I came only yesterday after seeing that there is arrangement for water and electricity at the relocation site. But there was not even a pit for shed construction.

Animal Husbandry- There was talk of getting loan, that too did not happen, how to build a shed in such a situation? Collector – You people should work on the spot, dig pits, whoever does this, I will get his loan approved. Cattleman – It is not yet an auspicious time. Some more time should be given for shifting.

Mayor’s Representative – This is the fight of the people of the city. We cannot leave 3.50 lakh people in trouble. Now you have to go.

Cattle breeders – Those of us who want to take dairy to our farms, can we go there?

Collector – Go where you need to go outside the city. We will send your animals there in our vehicle. Cattle breeder- Until sheds are built, our animals will be caught, what will happen to them?

Collector – We are keeping them in the Gaushala. There they will be served. They will be released as soon as the shed is built.

Mayor’s representative – Corporation will arrange fodder straw in the cowshed. Animals will be fully served, we will go there and see.

Cattle breeder- We will start work from tomorrow, will start work by taking loan, leave our animals now.

Collector – At least 4-4 animals will be picked up from every dairy. You start work, I will get you the loan. Animal Husbandry – If this is the attitude of the administration, we will take all our animals and make them stand in front of the corporation.

Mayor’s Representative – We will be ready there as well. From there all the animals will be released in the Gaushala. Dairy shifting has been promised from the city, it will be completed in any case and in this year itself.

Bhaskar Question- 3.5 lakh people of the city are upset, why dairy displacement is so slow?

Mayor – It was promised in the election that dairy will be displaced in 1 year, it will be implemented

How important do you think dairy displacement is for the city?
Mayor – This is an important issue. I have also seen the problem of animals roaming on the streets in the city. People also tell. People have lost their lives in accidents. The garbage coming out of these also increases the garbage of the city, due to which the cleanliness survey gets affected. Dairy displacement from the city is necessary in any case.

What kind of planning do you have to shift them?
Mayor – The first arrangement has been made that the cattle rearers themselves go to the dairy displacement site. As soon as the last date is over, animals are also being picked up from dairies and sent to cow shelters. Animals will also be caught from the roads.

If strictness is needed, to what level will you go?
Mayor – I will go to any necessary level for the benefit of the city. Right now cattle are being picked up from dairies. The administration has also said that we are with the city in dairy displacement. The administration will work according to law and order.

3.5 lakh people of the city are upset, why is dairy displacement so slow?
Mayor- I had made this promise in the election manifesto itself. I am determined to do dairy displacement in one year. After making all the necessary arrangements for it at the place of displacement, now a campaign has been started to catch the animals.

What’s the guarantee that this animal-catching drive won’t slow down after a few days?
Mayor – There is no question of slowing down the campaign. If we had to slow down, then why would we ask for animal catching vehicles of the urban bodies across the district? The speed remained fast, that is why vehicles were called from all over the district. This campaign will neither slow down nor stop. I promise once more to the 3.50 lakh people of the city that now the city will be animal free. Its 90% work has been completed. Now all that remains is to get the animals out of the city. For this also the campaign has been intensified. You will get success soon.

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