Former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi’s 32nd death anniversary: ​​District General Secretary said- His vision was successful for the development of the country, decision taken for Panchayati Raj system

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  • District General Secretary Said His Vision Was Successful For The Development Of The Country, Decision Taken For Panchayati Raj System

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The 32nd death anniversary of Bharat Ratna former Prime Minister late Rajiv Gandhi was celebrated with simplicity at Congress office Jobat. Tribute meeting was organized at Congress office Jobat and paid homage to his picture.

On this occasion, District Congress President Kesar Singh Davar, General Secretary Surpal Ajnar and other Congress leaders paid tribute to Rajiv Gandhi by garlanding his portrait. The Congressmen recalled the important works of the former Prime Minister. Resolved to follow the path shown by him.

Congress District General Secretary Ajnar said that Rajiv Gandhi was the youngest Prime Minister of the country. During his tenure, the youth got the opportunity to reach heights in politics. His vision for the development of the country succeeded in establishing the country on the world stage in the field of information technology, technology and computers. Took important decision in the direction of Panchayati Raj system. Even today, former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi is considered the father of the Panchayati Raj system.

These workers were present

District Panchayat members Hajri Ajnar, Raghunandan Sharma, Mohabbat Bhai Mori, Sarpanch Bablu Bhai, Kalu Menda, Naan Singh Baghel, Zahoor Bhai Mohammad, Arbaaz Khan, Dheeraj Ajnar along with many Congressmen were present on the occasion.

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