Four vehicles received to carry garbage: President and councilors flagged off, Sunita Saras said – the city needed

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On Friday, the body has bought four new vehicles for the city council to collect garbage from the wards of the city and take it to the garbage house. In the absence of vehicles, there was a problem in collecting the garbage in the urban areas and taking the garbage home. City Council President Sunita Saras, CMO Satendra Salwar and councilors flagged off the vehicles.

The chairman said that the population is increasing gradually in the city, that is why the spread of garbage is increasing in the city. In view of this, there was a lack of vehicles for door to door garbage collection. Four new vehicles have been purchased from the Municipal Council. The city council chairman has appealed to the people of the city to put the garbage of their homes in the garbage car, so that the dirt does not spread in the city and the city looks beautiful and clean.

these people were present

During this Vice President Sarika Nayak, Satendra Salwar, Councilor Bhagirath Uraiti, Jyotiraditya Bhalavi, Mahendra Dahiya, Rajneesh Rai, Sandeep Kanshkar, Rupali Jain, Ritesh Jain, Lakshmi Ramesh Vaish, Rajesh Parashar, Mamta Saraiya, Engineer Ashok Dixit, Ashok Chokse, Surendra Tiwari , including the staff of the city council were present.

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