Fraud of 83.50 lakh rupees from businessman: scrap of soybean plant was sold to other firms by taking advance

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The person has cheated the Iron Industries owner of Rs 83.50 lakh. Sold the scrap of soybean plant to other firms by taking advance amount. The Kotwali police have registered the crime and taken the matter into consideration. Complainant Bhagwat Sharan’s son Kailashnarayan Goyal resident Murli Manohar Mandir Shivpuri has lodged a report at Kotwali police station.

Pankaj s/o Shivkumar Rathore, owner of Vipin Traders, resident of Verma Colony, Shivpuri, had told Bhagwat Sharan that he had bought the old Lakshmi Suvax soyabean plant lying closed in Kareli, Narsingpur. About 4 crore scrap will come out in the soybean plant, which he wants to sell. Coming to Pankaj’s words, Bhagwat Sharan said about buying scrap.

Pankaj said that he will sell 60% scrap, of which 1 crore 6 lakh 50 thousand rupees. Advance required. Bhagwat Sharan has given Rs.7 lakh on 3 June 2021, Rs.9 lakh on 25 June, Rs.85 lakh on 15 November 2021, total Rs.1 crore 6 lakh 50 thousand. RTGS deposited in Vipin Traders account. Then in December 2021, Pankaj started dismantling the plant.

Pankaj paid Rs 8 lakh 842 on 3rd March. And on March 11, 2022, Rs 10.62 lakh. Total Rs 18.62 lakh. Gave the goods of Then on March 30, Pankaj 4 lakh 37 thousand 168 rupees. Deposited in the account through RTGS.

While the remaining 83 lakh 50 thousand rupees. Did not give back and sold the scrap from the plant to other firms. Pankaj bought land at many places in the state including Shivpuri. Even after contacting several times the money was not refunded. Pankaj Rathore clearly denied and started threatening to kill.

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