Girl murdered by pressing her mouth: Diatom test will confirm, three people in custody


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The murder of a four-year-old girl who went missing two days ago in Ujjain has been revealed. The girl was murdered by the people living near her house by suffocating her. Police will reveal after the post mortem report of the girl child. On Wednesday evening, the police found the dead body in a sack. Police detained three people in connection with the murder of the girl child. However, along with the police diatom test, body wipes along with DNA have also been sent for testing.

Rajnandini, a 4-year-old daughter of Ramsingh Rana, a resident of Ganga Nagar near Kamal Colony in Chimanganj area, went missing while playing outside the house on June 6 at around 3 pm. In the case, the police was looking for him after registering a case of kidnapping. Meanwhile, the girl’s body was found in a sack in a drain near Valmiki Dham at around 7 pm on Wednesday. Due to the suspicion of murder, the police searched and caught two youths Vicky Thakur and Ajay on the basis of CCTV footage. The police suspect that they might have committed the murder by strangling the girl. The matter will be revealed after the PM report comes by evening.

Diatom test will reveal

The police will be able to know the exact reason for the incident through the diatom test to be done during the PM. It will be clear from this investigation whether the girl was murdered by drowning in water or not. The PM of the girl was done by Dr. Bhojraj Sharma, Dr. Nitraj Gaur, Dr. Aditi Singh and FSL officer Preeti Gaikwad. The section will increase in the case only on the report of the panel of doctors. The case is likely to be converted into a murder case by Thursday evening.

Suspicion on the neighbor due to tantra-mantra

Tantra Kriya was believed to be the cause of the murder due to Tantra Kriya of a neighbor caught on the basis of CCTV footage in the case. When all three were caught on this basis, the whole story came to the fore. The statements of all three would be confirmed after the postmortem by a panel of five doctors. Further action is decided on this basis.

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Girl murdered by pressing her mouth: Diatom test will confirm, three people in custody

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