High speed car crushed elderly couple: Elderly’s leg broken, woman’s head torn, both admitted in private hospital

Jabalpur29 minutes ago

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In Jabalpur today, a speeding car ran over an elderly couple riding a bike, in this incident the elderly couple has suffered serious injuries and has been admitted to a private hospital for treatment. The incident is of Maharajpur under Adhartal police station. It is being told that as soon as the bike rider couple was crossing the road, a speeding car hit them from the front.

According to information, as soon as an elderly couple riding a bike crossed the road in front of the Maharajpur Durga temple to come towards Jabalpur, a speeding car coming from the front hit them. As soon as the car collided, the elderly couple fell on the road, one leg of the elderly was broken in the incident, while the woman suffered a serious head injury. The local people sent both of them to a private hospital for treatment.

After the incident, the car driver stood there with the car, the driver said that suddenly the bike riders came in front, due to which this incident happened. However, people informed Adhartal police station and called on the spot and handed over the car driver to the police.

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