Kabira Mobility introduced electric bike KM5000

New Delhi. Electric two-wheeler manufacturer Kabira Mobility on Friday launched its flagship electric bike KM5000.

The company said in a statement that this bike can run at a maximum speed of 188 kilometers per hour and is capable of covering a maximum distance of 344 kilometers on a single charge. The company said that its bike will be formally launched in the market this year. It is planned to roll out and start supplying to customers in the year 2024. The showroom price of this electric bike in Goa is likely to start from Rs 3.15 lakh.

Jaibir Siwach, CEO, Kabira Mobility, said, “We continue to raise the bar on what the electric bike segment can expect. The new bike KM5000 is a testimony to our belief that electric bikes are now at par, if not better, than petrol-powered bikes in terms of performance and safety.” He added that the company has several products in the manufacturing process and will be in the market very soon. Will be taken down.

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