Majhi-fisherman Congress celebrated Dhikr Diwas: Said- BJP government has violated the promise, entry of non-people in caste-business should be stopped


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Fishermen Congress protested at Kevalram Chowk.  - Dainik Bhaskar

Fishermen Congress protested at Kevalram Chowk.

In Madhya Pradesh, the government along with the boatman-fisherman community has ended the reservation by breaking the promise and has made entry of non-people in the caste-business. A sit-in demonstration was held at Kevalram petrol pump in the city on Wednesday for the demands related to curbing them. The sit-in demonstration went on from 11 am to 1 am. Later Naib Tehsildar Gajanand Chauhan gave a memorandum to His Excellency the President and the Governor.

During this, Congress leaders said, Majhi fishermen community living in Madhya Pradesh, whose surnames are Kahar, Bhoi, Deemar, Kevat, Navik, Mallah, Nishad, Singrahe, Singhrode and Raikwar, Batham, Kashyap, Burman. Their ancestrally caste occupation is fish farming, fishing, boat driving and planting muskmelon and watermelon on the lands derived from river ponds is the main work.

This society is economically and educationally weak, this society is the native of India land for centuries. These people have been living near rivers, mountains and water bodies since the beginning and a glimpse of the primitive era can be seen in their lifestyle and food habits. Since the independence of the country, these people have also been given reservation of Scheduled Tribes in the name of Majhi caste in the constitution. In which this reservation has been given continuously since 1949-50 by applying but. But the BJP government of the state has suddenly abolished this reservation from January 1, 2018.

Memorandum given to Naib Tehsildar in the name of President, Governor.

Memorandum given to Naib Tehsildar in the name of President, Governor.

Dozens of demands including removal of non-hereditary castes

The order issued on 1 January 2018 regarding Majhi caste should be modified. All the castes and surnames listed on backward class list number 12 should be removed and added to Majhi listed on Scheduled Tribe list number 29. On the basis of the complaints of people holding Majhi caste certificate, all the cases pending in the investigation committee should be finished. The non-hereditary fishermen castes included in the Fisheries Policy 2008-09 should be removed from here. were implemented in the state last year by the MP government.

Under the PESA Act, the tribal brothers have been given the right to fish in all the ponds and reservoirs in the 89 tribal development blocks of the state. After this PESA Act, now the hereditary fishermen have been evicted from the ponds of tribal development blocks in the state. Therefore, by amending such an act implemented by the government, the work of fish farming in the ponds and reservoirs of tribal development blocks should be given back to the hereditary fishermen only.

15-year lease of these lands should be given for planting watermelon, melon, cucumber and greens etc. on the lands opening from the river, pond, reservoir. It should be known that since 1988, the then M.P. The government had also given such leases for a period of 15 years to thousands of people of this community in the state, which are also registered in many districts in the revenue records of the government. The fishermen community should have the right over fifty percent of the sand coming out of the rivers. To bring up the economic, educational and social level of Majhi fisherman community of the state, it would be justified to implement these points.

Here, for the first time, solidarity was seen in the Congress

For the first time, solidarity was visible in the Congress during the protest. Fishermen Congress State President Sadashiv Bhavaria, City Congress President Dr. Munish Mishra, Fishermen Congress District President Anil Fulmali, Fishermen Congress City President Ashwini Chauhan, Senior Congress leaders Ajay Ojha, Awadhesh Sisodia, Dr. Chainsingh Verma, Mullu Rathore, Mohan Dhakse, Manoj Bharatkar, Sunil Arya, Kundan Malviya, Rampal Singh Solanki, Hukum Melunde, Rinku Sonkar, Hukum Verma, Raees Abbasi, Manoj Mandloi, Vikas Vyas, Arsh Pathak, Alok Singh Rawat, Raju Sunagat, Rajkumar Kaithwas, Luv Joshi, Randhir Kaithwas etc were present.


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Majhi-fisherman Congress celebrated Dhikr Diwas: Said- BJP government has violated the promise, entry of non-people in caste-business should be stopped

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