MDMA drugs case: Government demands back investigation of recovered drugs in court, court dismisses petition

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  • The Government Demanded A Re investigation Of The Recovered Drugs In The Court, The Court Rejected The Petition

Gwalior2 hours ago

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The Special Court NDPS in Gwalior has rejected that petition of the government. On which a demand was made for retesting of the alleged drug MDMA, which was caught in Murar police station area on September 6 last year. The court said in its decision that if such retesting and re-sampling is allowed by the court, then it will be an endless process.

This permission is possible only in the rarest of rare case. The FSL report presented by the government in the High Court was questioned. In which the MDMA drug was described as urea.

It may be mentioned that on the basis of this one of the accused Mohit Tiwari was not only granted bail by the High Court, but the DGP was also ordered to pay Rs 10 lakh to the alleged accused. However, the order of the Single Judge awarding compensation was set aside by the Division Bench. But on the basis of FSL’s investigation report, till now all the accused have got bail.
The police was brutal
It is notable that in Murar police station area, crime branch and Murar police had arrested 7 people including a woman with MDMA drug worth about 40 lakhs by joint action. Action was taken against him under NDPS but later it was found that it was Urea and not MDMA drug.
lawyer says
Dharmendra Sharma, government advocate of Gwalior District Court in the MDMA case, has said that last year on 6 September 2022, Crime Branch and Murar police station arrested 7 people with MDMA drugs, but when FSL investigation of recovered MDMA drug That drug turned out to be urea, on which the court had granted bail to all the arrested accused on the basis of investigation and evidence. On this, the government petitioned the court and demanded that retesting of the recovered drug should be done, but the court rejected the petition.

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