Murder over old enmity: 8 attacks with an ax in Jawa of Rewa, went to jail after killing, died himself when he returned

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A young man was hacked to death with an ax in Negura village under Jawa police station of Rewa district. Seeing the dead body lying in the morning, the villagers informed the police. The police arrived after the information inspected the spot and identified the deceased. After this, the dead body was sent to the Community Health Center Jawa. Informing the senior officers about the blind murder, the FSL unit was called.

Where Dr. RP Shukla, in-charge of the Scene of Crime Mobile Unit, arrived with his team. He has expressed the apprehension of murder at first sight. At present, the forensic team has collected scientific evidence. Here Jawa police has registered a case of murder. Also started searching for unknown accused. There is a buzz that the police have picked up the suspected accused. The inquiry is on.

dead body found in suspicious condition

According to the information received, on the morning of May 25, the dead body of Nirdesh Mishra s/o Balmukund Mishra, 24 year old resident of Negura, was found in suspicious condition. In the investigation of the spot, it was found that unknown people attacked with sharp weapons and killed him. There are several serious ax wounds on the head. It appears that unknown people surrounded and killed. It is claimed that the youth was murdered over old enmity.

The deceased had recently returned from jail
There is a discussion among the villagers that the deceased Nirdesh Mishra has recently come out of jail. He had killed a young man a year ago. It is feared that the complainant party has committed the crime with a sense of revenge. However, the police have remained tight-lipped about the murder mystery. Because there is a possibility of involvement of many people in the incident. Like a severe head wound. It seems that the attack has been done in a hurry.

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