Murder revealed, three accused arrested: Had broken girlfriend’s marriage twice, so that this should not happen again, she got murdered


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The killers Sunny and Abhishek, Sagar Shukla are still absconding.  - Dainik Bhaskar

The killers Sunny and Abhishek, Sagar Shukla are still absconding.

  • Police revealed the murder in five days

In Gwalior, the police have arrested the two accused and the girl’s father who killed a young man by firing bullets at his girlfriend in the street. The deceased had broken the marriage of his girlfriend twice. With great difficulty his marriage was fixed on 22nd June. The family was afraid that Yash might do this for the third time as well. For this, the maternal uncle of the girl conspired with some goons of the city. For the last 10 to 15 days, he was heavily intoxicated. During this intoxication, he told his pain. On which the goons agreed to do all the work of Yash. The goons surrounded Yash on the night of 9th June and shot him dead. The police have arrested two goons and the girl’s father. A katta, two cartridges, bike have been recovered from them. The hunt for a rogue and master mind Mama is on.

Deceased Yash Rathore

Deceased Yash Rathore

Understand the whole matter like this
23-year-old Yash Rathore’s son Ramvaran Singh Rathore, resident of Ghasmandi, Gwalior, was going back to his home on the night of 9th June while visiting his cousin Narendra’s house. Right now he was passing through Mangleshwar Road when three people surrounded him and opened fire. According to preliminary information, three bullets were fired at Yash. Yash was hit by two bullets. One of which went through the bullet damaging the ribs. As soon as the information about the incident was received, the people around and his friends took him to Apollo Hospital in Phulbagh, where he was referred to JAH’s trauma center after treatment for some time as his condition was very critical. He had died late in the night. In this case, a case of murder was registered on the complaint of the father of the deceased. Narendra, the cousin of the deceased, had alleged that Yash was friends with a girl named Vandana, a resident of Mangleshwar Road. This thing used to disturb the girl’s father, brother and other family members. Many times he had even stopped them from leaving the street.
Shooters caught from Bahodapur area, girl’s father
When the police investigated the matter, it came to know that the family of the girl on whom they are alleging, they are behind the murder. The police came to know that the people who had opened fire in this murder were seen in Bahodapur area. On which the accused were laid siege by forming police teams. Two accused were caught by the police, while one escaped. The arrested miscreants have been identified as Sunny Tomar and Abhishek Nodia, residents of Hazira Kanchmil. The absconder is Sagar Shukla. Apart from this, Pawan Tiwari, the maternal uncle of Yash’s girlfriend, the master mind of this entire massacre, is still absconding. The police have also taken the girl’s father Bhushan Sharma into custody.
Due to the fear of breaking the daughter’s marriage, she was murdered.
During interrogation, it has been found that Yash and Vandana were friends. Yash had broken his girlfriend’s marriage twice. His family did not like that torn eye. The marriage of the girl was fixed on June 22. Yash was threatening again and again. He was afraid that he might break the marriage. That’s why the maternal uncle of the girl trapped Sunny, Abhishek and Sagar in his trap. Calling him everyday for about 15 days, paying for alcohol, food and other expenses, made him his follower. Then, while intoxicated, by telling his problems, he prepared them for emotion-killing. The katta shooters already had them, but the cartridges were made available by Pawan Tiwari, the maternal uncle of the girl.
say the police
SSP Gwalior Rajesh Singh Chandel says that our police teams have unearthed the murder that took place five days ago by strengthening the informer system. The two accused who shot have been arrested. Looking for one.

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Murder revealed, three accused arrested: Had broken girlfriend’s marriage twice, so that this should not happen again, she got murdered

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