Muslims should become cow protectors, oppose religious conversion: IAS Niyaz Khan advised; said- don’t forcefully change anyone’s religion


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  • Amidst The Ganga Jamuna School Dispute In Damoh, IAS Niyaz Khan Advised Muslims, Do Not Forcibly Convert Anyone

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IAS Niyaz Khan has advised Muslims to protect cows. He has given this advice to the Muslims by tweeting amid revelations of conversion and terror funding in Damoh’s school. Niyaz wrote – Muslim brothers should also become cow protectors. Oppose religious conversion. Don’t change anyone’s religion. Forcible conversion is prohibited in Islam. If you can adopt vegetarianism, it will be a great effort. Although becoming a vegetarian cannot be forced. Every Muslim brother should have good relation with Brahmins.

Distributed the headlines by writing the book Brahmin the Great

IAS Niyaz Khan has recently written a book on Brahmins named “Brahmin the Great”. In which he has written many important things about Brahmins. In this book, which came in the market four months ago, he wrote that whenever a brahmin with braided hair comes out barefoot on the road, he is actually a form of God. This is the seventh book of Niyaz who has been in controversies regarding his statements and books. There is a lot of discussion in the political and administrative circles about this book. That too, because this book is going to be published after the statement of RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat, in which he said that caste was not created by God, caste was created by pundits which is wrong. We are all one for God.

Khan writes in the book that one who has taken birth in a Brahmin vagina should compulsorily write ‘Brahmin’ before his name, not a Pandit. They say that the history of Brahmins is one to be proud of. It is being estimated that this book will not be embraced by many people.

Who is Niyaz Khan?

IAS Niyaz Khan is an IAS of Madhya Pradesh cadre. Selected in State Administrative Service and promoted in 2015 to become IAS. He is known for his literary temperament. He has written seven books so far. He is heavily influenced by Hinduism. He has also written some books on Hinduism. He became famous by writing a book on gangster Abu Salem. Last year, he was in trouble for his comments on the Kashmir Files film.

Niyaz’s latest tweets

On June 7, Niyaz Khan wrote in his tweet – 4-5 percent of Brahmins oppose me in my every interview or tweet on the superiority of my Brahmins. Even use derogatory language, but it is a matter of happiness that most of the Brahmins of the whole country are with my book. Those who are angry with me, I could not understand the reason.

Niyaz Khan also shows the mirror

It is not that Niyaz Khan is a fan of Brahmins only. They also keep showing mirror to Brahmins in public by tweeting. Two days ago, he had written in one of his tweets, “Many a times, when I see a number of Brahmin brothers abusing on the public platform all over the country, I wonder who did this to those with the highest qualifications?” The words of nectar used to always rain from the mouth of Brahmins, why did this situation happen. It is a serious matter. Have to handle

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Muslims should become cow protectors, oppose religious conversion: IAS Niyaz Khan advised; said- don’t forcefully change anyone’s religion

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