No Muslim leader will be able to get a ticket in the religious city: Rajendra Vashisht and Maya Trivedi’s ticket has been finalized, sensational audio viral in the name of Congress city president


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Ahead of the upcoming assembly elections in Madhya Pradesh, there has been a stir in the Ujjain Congress after an audio went viral. The viral audio is being told of the city Congress president. In fact, Noori Khan along with her supporters had gone to Bhopal to meet Kamal Nath to stake claim from Ujjain North Assembly. It was claimed that being angry with this, the city president lashed out at the supporter accompanying Noori over the phone. Using objectionable words about the former city president and others in the audio, it also said that no Muslim leader would be able to bring a ticket inside the religious city. The matter of finalizing the tickets for Ujjain North and South Assembly is also included.

Before the elections, a fight is already visible in the Congress regarding the ticket. Congress leader Noori Khan, who is continuously claiming ticket from Ujjain North, on June 15, about 115 Congress workers, including 9 councilors, 2 block presidents, women presidents, people of Brahmin, Bairwa, Valmiki community and other office bearers, went to PCC chief Kamal Nath. went to present his claim. Two days later, on Saturday, a 5 minute 2 second audio has gone viral which is being told of Congress President Ravi Bhadoria. In which there are objectionable things about Noori Khan and former Congress President Dr. Batuk Shankar Joshi. The viral audio claimed that Noori Khan, along with his supporters, had discussed ticket distribution and senior leaders during a conversation with a worker on meeting Kamal Nath over tickets.

We do not verify viral audio.

Ravi Bhadoria is being told in the audio, in which he is angry with a worker and talking about going to Bhopal with Noori Khan. The names of many Congress leaders are also there in the audio. At the same time, there is also a claim that the tickets for Ujjain North and South are final for the upcoming assembly elections, we do not confirm the viral audio.

What is Viral audio –

Today Saab asked me who spread the nuisance, so I said that there is only one nuisance leader in Ujjain, when it happened recently, he said that if he has not been explained, then I said, explain how much is the nuisance.

There he told Noori that he will give you the ticket. Tell Doctor Sahab to be a little stronger, both your enemies are contesting elections, Rajendra Vashisht is contesting from Ujjain South and Maya is almost final from North, I am telling you.

Now only I can cut his ticket. Listen, this is the status of the doctor, what I am saying has become zero, even if he exerts his strength, he will not be able to do anything there.

When you could not understand Ravi Bhadoria, then who is asking you there. I speak on the injury of Danke, if I point a finger at Ravi Bhadoria, I will punish him even if nothing happens to me.

After tomorrow, I will give such an injection that the pain will be so much that there will be no attack. This man kills his people, today you all went, but Noori Khan’s ticket is not available there, be careful, no Muslim leader will be able to get a ticket inside the religious city. Don’t worry, I will take care of it. will cure all today itself

BJP made audio-

After the audio went viral, City Congress President Ravi Bhadauria said that the audio is fake and no one has said anything from me. BJP is feeling that if the government will go, BJP has formed it because of the elections.

I will keep my point on the party platform

Regarding the audio, Noori Khan said that the audio has come to know. In which Ujjain City President has used such language which is very serious. In such a matter, I will keep it on the party platform and not in public.

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No Muslim leader will be able to get a ticket in the religious city: Rajendra Vashisht and Maya Trivedi’s ticket has been finalized, sensational audio viral in the name of Congress city president

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