Number one in cleanliness, why not in health: Canada’s health advisor said to Indoreis, eat a lot, just include yoga-pranayama in the routine

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Canada’s health and wellness mentor and business coach Rupi Bhatia said that the way the people of Indore have awareness about cleanliness, there should be the same about health. I am proud of Indore and the people of Indore that six times in the country, the clean city has hoisted the national flag in the country. It is discussed not only in Canada but all over the world.

Rupi Bhatia is Canada’s health and wellness mentor (consultant) for the past 26 years. He claims that for good health it is not necessary that you go to the gym, other methods and limited food can also be healthy.

Rupi Bhatia, who came to Indore from Canada, discussed with Dainik Bhaskar on Friday. She has given her lectures in different places all over the world as a health and lifestyle coach for 25 years. She is a successful entrepreneur and she helps people to move forward in the field of business as well.

She was here to attend the “Ultimate Health Boot Camp” organized at a hotel. Here she told how we can keep ourselves healthy by making small changes in our daily life, how our food habits affect our health. How can we achieve long healthy life by making our life healthy, he solved these questions.

Rupi Bhatia.  Health & Wellness Mentor in Canada for 26 years.

Rupi Bhatia. Health & Wellness Mentor in Canada for 26 years.

What do you think about the health of the people of Indore?

When Indoreis have so much awareness about cleanliness, they can maintain their good health as well. They can make a clean city a healthy city. Actually where there is no awareness there are difficulties but it is not difficult for Indore. The people here are contributing to the society in many ways which is commendable.

Indori is very fond of food and drink. Food shops are open here till late night. Obviously there is no timing for eating and drinking. How can health be maintained in such a situation?

In fact, all the old things are made on the basis of geography. The weather here is hot. Earlier, heavy meal or breakfast in the morning used to give energy to the people and people used to work hard throughout the day. Now with time people have become modern. We kept the way of eating the same but stopped where the energy used to go. If we want to eat food in the old way, then activity will also have to be increased. You can improve your lifestyle by making small changes.

How else can the body be kept fit?

People of Indore have late night food. If you return late from work, then try not to take heavy food at night and do not even sleep after eating.

How important is exercise for the body?

It is all about calories. If you want to lose weight and cannot burn calories by going to the gym, cannot walk, then eat less food. Eat lightly after every four hours. Eat fruits instead of juice so that the intestines remain clean, drink water and eat home-cooked food, that too in limited quantity.

How harmful is weight gain?

Actually people have the impression that they do not have money, they cannot be healthy whereas it is not so. It is also true that if the weight increases then the problems also increase because most of the diseases arise from the stomach only. Health can be maintained if we eat normal food.

Tell the tricks of staying healthy through presentation

In the previous seminar, Dr. Neha Arora Verma explained the issues related to health through presentation in 10 steps that if we resolve to make our life healthy, then diseases can never surround us. In the seminar, the participants raised many questions related to health, which were resolved.

During this, patients suffering from sugar and spine shared their experiences. Diabetes patients told how they reversed their sugar. On this occasion, he was also honored for awareness and recovery.

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