Patwari trapped in the trap of Rewa Lokayukta: Trap taking bribe of 3 thousand, RI also became accused, was caught 5 years ago

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  • Patwari Trap In Rewa Taking Bribe Of 3 Thousand, RI Also Became Accused, Was Caught 5 Years Ago

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Rewa Lokayukta Police has exposed two corrupt employees of Revenue Department. It was told that in lieu of demarcating the land of father and brother, the Patwari was trapped by taking a bribe of Rs 3,000. And the Revenue Inspector has already taken Rs 1000 as bribe. In such a situation, RI has also been made an accused.

It is claimed that the vicious Patwari was trapped in the trap of Rewa Lokayukta even five years ago. Even after this, he has not stopped taking bribe. In such a situation, he has again become a victim of trapping. At present, Rewa, the special police establishment unit of the Lokayukta organization, has registered a case under the Prevention of Corruption Act against both of them.

RI 1000 already taken
Lokayukta SP Gopal Singh Dhakad told that the complainant Salman Khan is a resident of village Manikadah. His Kota is a pastoral agricultural land in Halka Tehsil Jawa Thana Panwar. Neeraj Shukla Revenue Inspector Circle Dabhaura Tehsil Jawa took a bribe of Rs 1000 after giving the demarcation application. Even after this demarcation was not happening. In such a situation, the victim got upset.

Dabish in Patwari’s rented house
Threatened and contacted the farmer Patwari Vinod Singh. Then the Patwari of Kota Halka asked for a bribe of 3 thousand. After which the victim reached the Lokayukta office with a complaint. After listening to the complaint, the SP fixed the day of trapping on Thursday and sent the team of Lokayukta to the rented house of Patwari in Dabhaura. As soon as the victim came out after giving the money. Similarly, the Patwari has been caught by the Lokayukta.

Patwari has been trapped in 2018 as well
Lokayukta police say that Patwari Vinod Singh Patel has been caught red-handed taking bribe even five years back. Then on June 5, 2018, the Lokayukta took raid action on the application of the complainant Bhaiya Bahadur Singh. On that day also an amount of 3000 was taken from the complainant. Even after this, he is working in Rewa district on the injury of sting. Tell that half a hundred corrupt Patwaris are working in the district.

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