Pragya Thakur objected to adopting children from orphanages: Said- Hindus should produce more children, Bangladeshis, Rohingyas can never be patriots

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  • Said Hindus Should Produce More Children, Oppose Child Happiness By Taking Children From Orphanages

Bhopal2 hours ago

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Bhopal MP and BJP leader Sadhvi Pragya Singh Thakur has advised Hindus to have more children. He has also opposed Hindus adopting children from orphanages and getting the happiness of children.

He discussed with the media at his residence in Bhopal on Thursday. During this, Pragya Thakur said that when unrighteousness increases in the country, sedition increases, then there are many reasons for it. Rohingyas came to our country, their progeny came in different forms. They are living in disguise. Terrorist activities, theft, bullying and doing illegal activities. The children of Bangladeshis can never be patriots, that is a guarantee.

Hindus are producing less children

Pragya Thakur said- Sanatani are taking away the children of Hindus by tricking them into Muslims and getting them converted. Hindu is producing less children. Otherwise he is not doing it. He (Hindu) is having the good fortune of being brought up by parents from orphanages. I oppose it. If one’s own children are two, then it is good. I say that if there are patriots, then the country should be saved by bringing patriots in their numbers. Otherwise the heretics are bent on destroying us. We can’t tolerate this.

Land of illegal madrasas should be vacated immediately

Regarding illegal madrassas in the state, Pragya Thakur said – Illegal madrassas should be closed immediately. That land should be vacated and used for the development of the people. Well, nothing illegal is good. No one should attempt to do illegal work. The government should try to eliminate the illegal madrassas which are running, they should be abolished immediately.

Pragya Thakur said- The people who glorified Aurangzeb were the Mughal rulers, who kept the country dependent. Those who praise him, speak in his favor, glorify him are traitors. Such people should be investigated. They should be punished under treason.

Pragya spoke about the disputed pamphlets in Indore

On the incident of distribution of pamphlets in Indore, Pragya Thakur said – they are trying to fulfill the conspiracies. According to him which is the principle of converting from Darul Harb to Darul Islam. He is trying to fulfill it. The way conversions, cases of love jihad and such activities, activities of HUT, PFI are going on everywhere. Looking at them, I would say that if one organization is banned internally, then many others stand up. These are demonic tendencies, they will increase in this way, but Sanatan Dharmis have been coming forward and putting a stop to them. Will continue to apply in future also.

Such pamphlets were distributed two days back in Indore.

Such pamphlets were distributed two days back in Indore.

we are trying to unite pakistan
On Maulana Madani’s statement, Pragya Thakur said – Maulana Madani never talks about patriotism. Secondly, everyone living in India is an Indian. Everyone living in India is a Hindu. This is what our culture says. The constitution also maintains a similar thing. Here everyone’s opinion, everyone’s creed will be respected, but if we are Hindus, then we are in India. When this type of attack is done on us Sanatanis in particular, then Hindus have to speak up.

Let us inform that Maulana Arshad Madani, president of Jamiat Ulema-e-Hind, had said in Mumbai on May 21 that Muslims in Karnataka have voted for the Congress. The party formed the government there. Now Congress should ban Bajrang Dal there.

The people who made Pakistan or Pakistan has become a country on the basis of one pant, on the basis of worship method, on the basis of one religious principles. Those who think that he still wants to create a country like Pakistan, they are mistaken. Pakistan was created only because of the agreements. What has happened now will not happen again. We are trying to integrate him as well. Will do in future as well, so now if he talks like this in future, it will not be acceptable. Sanatani have always been tolerant, so they should not be tested. Sanatani is always ready to protect the country and religion.

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