Rs 2000 Note: You are also going to change 2000 notes, then read this information of SBI, you will be in great advantage

Internet Desk. Efforts are on to exchange the 2000 pink note or spend it anyway. People are in line to buy goods in banks and markets. In such a situation, State Bank of India has issued a notice regarding the change of 2000 rupee note. One such thing has come to light in this, after which you can get relief.

According to the information, it has been said in the notice from the bank that there will be no need to fill any form or slip to change notes up to Rs 20,000. This means that customers can easily exchange notes by visiting any SBI branch.

Along with this, in the notice issued by SBI, it has been said that while exchanging two thousand rupee notes up to Rs 20,000, you will not need any kind of ID proof and will not be asked from the bank.

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