Rupees 2000 note: Before changing the 2000 note, you have to do this work, otherwise you will keep your notes

Internet Desk. RBI announced the withdrawal of 2000 note from circulation and also told the time to change it. Now the work of changing the notes has also started in the banks. But you can exchange only 10 notes of 2000 in a day. That is, you are getting a chance to exchange only notes up to 20000.

But if you want, you can also exchange notes of higher value than this, that is, you can deposit them in the bank. For that you will also have to provide PAN card details. According to the rules made by the Reserve Bank of India for changing 2000 notes, any number of 2000 rupee notes can be deposited in the bank account. But rules will apply to them.

According to the information, if you are going to deposit 2000 notes worth more than Rs 50,000 in your bank account, then you will have to give PAN card details in the bank. If a person deposits cash above Rs 50,000 in a day through his bank account or post office, then he has to provide PAN card details.

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