Satna made a record of demarcation: 1552 cases settled in a single day, along with the staff, the Collector also entered the fray.

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  • 1552 Cases Settled In A Single Day, The Collector Along With The Staff Also Entered The Fray

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The revenue staff of Satna district has set a new record by running a campaign on Saturday. The revenue staff of Satna has created history by solving 1552 cases of demarcation in the district simultaneously in a single day. For this, along with the field staff, the Satna collector himself came to the ground and not only got the demarcation done in front of him but also measured himself.

Satna Collector Anurag Verma had fixed the day of demarcation campaign for all the tehsils of the district on Saturday. Targets were fixed for all by imposing the duty of SDM, Tehsildar, Naib Tehsildar, Revenue Inspector and Patwaris. On Saturday, a target was fixed to resolve 1275 pending demarcation cases across the district. Against which the revenue staff of Satna created history by solving 1552 cases. Before this, not only in Satna, but in any other district of the state, so many demarcations have not been done in a single day. Demarcation certificates were also provided to the farmers and other applicants on the spot after demarcation. Due to this initiative of Collector Anurag Verma, there has been a huge reduction in the number of pending demarcation cases in Satna in one stroke, while the applicants who have been roaming around the tehsils for a long time have also felt relieved.

Maximum demarcation in Maihar

Under the demarcation campaign on Saturday, maximum 238 demarcations took place in Maihar tehsil area while minimum 63 demarcations took place in Kotar. During the morning-to-evening campaign, 81 demarcation cases were resolved in Birsinghpur, 128 in Ramnagar, 184 in Raghurajnagar, 67 in Kothi, 215 in Rampur, 103 in Amarpatan, 114 in Majhgawan, 137 in Uchehra and 222 in Nagaud in the entire district. 1552 demarcations were done in one day.

Somewhere the cot and somewhere the shade of Mahua

Collector Anurag Verma himself remained in the field throughout the day on Saturday during the demarcation campaign. He inspected the demarcation work after reaching the villages. At many places, he himself stood in front of the total machine and saw the measurement. Throughout the day, he kept taking updates of the demarcation going on in every tehsil. In Rajasthan, the Collector got 9 demarcations done in front of him. Somewhere he sat on the cot, and somewhere he sat on a chair under the shade of Mahua, discussed with the villagers and listened to their problems.

Congratulations to the revenue staff

Collector Anurag Verma has patted the subordinates on the great achievement of solving 1552 cases of demarcation in a day. Congratulating the revenue staff, he has said that anything can be done if there is determination. He has expressed hope that the revenue staff will solve the pending cases with the same enthusiasm.

Now there is a possibility of protest and controversy

Satna’s revenue staff has created history by demarcating 1552 demarcations in a single day to reduce pendency, but now the apprehension of dispute is also being expressed. For demarcation, it is necessary to inform the border tenants and get their signatures in the panchnama of measurement, but while resolving so many cases at most places, the border tenants either did not get the information or they were not present on the spot due to some reasons. Could not happen Due to which the apprehension is also being expressed that people will object to the demarcation done today and this may also create a situation of dispute.

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