Satna’s gang used to steal in Rewa: 5 miscreants together stole 13 bikes worth 8 lakhs, modified and sold them, targeted crowded places

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  • Satna Gang Used To Steal Bikes In Rewa, 5 Miscreants Together Stole 13 Bikes Worth 8 Lakhs

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Rewa police has caught a gang of bike thieves. Police say that 3 miscreants together stole 13 bikes worth Rs 8 lakh in Civil Line police station area and Amahiya area. Vicious thieves used to modify the chassis number and engine number and sell it with the help of two miscreants. Here, the police was on alert due to the increasing incidents of bike theft in the city. In such a situation, the bike was checked by checking in the evening.

Along with this, the footage was being scanned with the help of CCTV cameras. Two days ago, during the bike checking, an accused named Shivam Pathak was seen. Seeing the suspicious bike, the police stopped it. After this, strictness was shown by taking him to the police station. There the accused gave information about the entire network during interrogation. Then after registering a case of theft, arrested all the miscreants and seized the bike. After this, he was presented in the court.

got caught like this
According to the information received, on May 20, Amahiya police was checking vehicles. Meanwhile, accused Shivam Pathak’s son Late. Bhola Prasad Pathak 23 years resident of Kemar police station Rampur Baghelan district Satna was shown. Seeing the suspected stolen bike, the police arrested him and took him to the police station. Taking into police custody, inquiries were made regarding other incidents of theft happening in the city. There were several rounds of statements.

got caught in the net woven by the police
The vicious thief kept getting trapped in the web woven by the Civil Line and Amahiya Police. A dozen bike theft cases were investigated by forming a joint team. Then it came to know that the same accused is involved in every theft. Said in the statement that he is Prakash alias Bunty’s son Late. Narendra Singh, 23 years resident of Belha Police Station Chorhata and Pawan alias Saheb’s son Srinivas Singh, 30 years resident of Khaira Police Station Chorhata have committed theft.

Two other miscreants would have modified and sold the bike.
The police have seized 13 bikes at the instance of three miscreants. On further investigation, it was found that Gyanendra s/o Birbali Tripathi, 37 years, resident of Sagouni police station, Rampur Baghelan district, Satna and Ilyash alias Pappu s/o Raimuddin Mansuri, 40 years, resident of Bholgarh police station, Chorhata, used to modify and sell stolen bikes. The police have recovered the modifying material from the thieves’ hideout.

Bikes stolen from civil line area
It was told that 1 no. HF Deluxe bike chassis number MBLHA11AZG9E13830, 1 no. Bullet no. MP 17 MP 3019, 1 no. HF Deluxe chassis no. MBLHA11ATG9B35108 and 1 no. Scooty Duet chassis no. .

Bikes stolen from Amahiya area
Similarly, among the bikes stolen from Amahiya area, 1 no. TVS Star MP 17 MB 0630, 1 no. HF Deluxe MP 17 MP 2824, 1 no. CD Deluxe MP 17 MB 5842, 1 no. Passion Pro chassis number MBLHA10FR96A19443 and 1 no. Bajaj Discover chassis no. MD2A14A21DTM9098 is included.

Four modified bikes recovered
A joint team of Inspector Hitendranath Sharma, in-charge of Civil Line Station, Cyber ​​Cell Inspector Virendra Patel and Sub-Inspector Nisha Khuta, in-charge of Amahiya Police Station, during the raid recovered four modified bikes from the possession of Ilyash alias Pappu and Gyanendra Tripathi. It is claimed that the miscreants have modified the chassis number and engine number of the four bikes. Which are being investigated.

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