Shriram Mahayagya in Bareilly: Pandokhar government’s court held in the pandal

Raisen28 minutes ago

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Pandokhar government’s court is being organized at Shri Ram Mahayagya site of 100 villages starting from Sunday in Bareilly Chhind of Raisen district.

People were being called on the stage by token numbers. After reaching the stage, people used to tell their problems and those problems and questions were already written on the pamphlets of the Pandokhar government. People would also be surprised to see this. A woman told Pandokhar Sarkar that her son had appeared for the PSAC exam. On this, the Pandokhar government said that your son Rahul Dhakad will become SDM in the second attempt. In this way, a woman who came from Bhopal told about her husband being in jail.

Pandokhar Sarkar told a woman that it has been 19 years and 7 months since your marriage and the child has cancer in the uterus, two operations have also been done. Don’t worry, there will be a child. This sequence continued. The stage was made in the pandal for the Durbar. Pandokhar Sarkar was sitting on this platform listening to the problems. Sunday was the first day, for three days daily from 4 pm to 7 pm Pandokhar Sarkar’s court would be held.

Yagya has started from Monday. At the same time, the order of reaching a large number of sadhus in the yagya is going on. Thousands of people will be offered food in Bhandara daily at the place of Yagya.

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