Strictness on Champu: If the registry is not done, the bail will be cancelled; The wives of the land mafia will have to appear before the committee

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  • If The Registry Is Not Done, The Bail Will Be Cancelled; The Wives Of Land Mafia Will Have To Appear Before The Committee

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The High Power Committee hearing the victims of Kalindi, Phoenix and Satellite Township has also ordered the wives of land mafia Champu Ajmera, Nilesh Ajmera to remain present before the committee. Yogita Ajmera and Sonali Ajmera are not coming before the committee listening to the victims on the orders of the High Court. They argue that she has already resigned from the post of director of the company.

He has nothing to do with this rigging. On this, the committee said that when the plot was being sold, she was on the post of director at that time. When the scams started coming to the fore, he resigned from the post. They also have to be present. At the same time, the committee has also instructed Champu to start the process of getting the registry done in favor of the victims, otherwise a recommendation will be made to cancel the bail from the High Court.

In front of the High Power Committee, land mafia Champu Ajmera’s employee Rajat Bohra and Chirag’s employee Nikul Kapasi are also pleading repeatedly that they have nothing to do with it. He has been in jail for six months for cheating. Even now they are forcibly sending them in front of the committee by threatening them.

We get just 12-15 thousand rupees as salary. It is known that during the hearing, about 130 complaints have come before the committee so far. The victims of the satellite are yet to be heard. After hearing all three, the committee will prepare the report and hand it over to Justice Subodh Abhyankar. The High Court will hear on the basis of the report on June 21.

  • 130 complaints have come before the committee so far
  • The High Court will hear on the basis of the report on June 21

Fake affidavits also surfaced
Some fake affidavits have also been caught by the committee. The land mafia presented affidavits on behalf of the victims that their registration has been done. They don’t have any complaints. On this, the committee told the mafias that those whose affidavits have been submitted should also be present. They will be talked about which registry of which plot has been done. Merely affixing the affidavit will not work.

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