The house of the child’s killer was set on fire in Machhand: A month ago, the family is in jail for the murder of the innocent boy Akash

BhindOne hour ago

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In Machhand, innocent child Akash Tripathi was born in this house. Unknown accused set fire to the deserted house. Police investigating on the spot.

An unknown accused set fire to the house of the murderer of five-year-old boy Akash Tripathi in Machhand town of Bhind last night. Due to the incident of arson, the household goods have been burnt to ashes. The main accused Dharmendra, his father Santosh Chaurasia and his mother and sister are in jail in the murder of an innocent child. The local people informed about the arson. Police have started investigation by registering a case against unknown accused.

It is worth mentioning that in the month of April, in Machhand town of Raun police station area, Akash Tripathi, a famous innocent boy, was murdered and found hidden in the cooler of neighbor Santosh Chaurasia’s house. The main accused in this case was the son of Santosh Chaurasia, who had lost about forty thousand rupees by betting on IPL online, in order to settle his debt, he first kidnapped the boy, then killed him and hid the dead body in a cooler. In this case, the police had made Santosh Chaurasia, his son Dharmendra and his wife and daughter accused. In this case, the police took action to arrest everyone and send them to jail. Here, unknown accused set fire to the deserted house. Seeing the flames and smoke, the residents of the locality informed the police. The police have started investigation against the unknown accused by making them accused in the incident of arson.

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