Togadia’s target on The Kerala Story film in Ujjain: Said – Kerala Story is not a matter of pride, some people are marketing Kerala film

Ujjain4 hours ago

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Ujjain. Dr. Praveen Bhai Togadia, founder of International Hindu Council, said that Hindu sisters and daughters are not safe in the country, their document is Kerala Story. The Kerala story is not a matter of pride. It is a matter of drowning in a handful of water. Here the queue has started to make a Kerala film. Some people are marketing the Kerala film. He also insisted on enacting a population control law.

Dr. Praveen Bhai Togadia, the founder of the International Hindu Council, who came to participate in the Trishul convocation and Hindu conference held in Ujjain, said during a discussion with the media that instead of showing the Kerala story in the country, the sister and daughter of a single Hindu should not become a part of Love Jihad. campaign for The name of the campaign is Anti Love Jihad. He said that make laws and control the population of Muslims, but here there is a line to make a Kerala film. He questioned whether the sisters and daughters of Hindus should not be abducted, whether these people are campaigning for the anti-love jihad law.

Dr. Togadia said that if you do not worry about the safety of Hindus in the country, then Hindus in the country may get angry. Regarding his statement about Ram roti and employment, he said that politics is being Hinduized in the country. Giving example, he said that Mamta Banerjee is reciting Chandi. Kejriwal is seeing Lakshmi on the notes. Bhupesh Baghel and Shivraj Singh are walking the Rampath. This is Hinduisation of the country’s politics. One party is with Hindu. If there is another opponent, then they benefit.

Dr. Togadia said that the parties which will provide education, health, employment, security of Hindus, only they will get benefited. That’s why all parties of the country should worry about employment, education and security of Hindus. Regarding the darshan fee imposed in the Mahakal temple, he said that there should be no tax for the darshan of God, it is a sin to impose tax on the darshan of God. Mahant Om Bharti, Storyteller Aarti Vaishnav, National Minister Dr. Betu Chandel, HP State Ministers Kishore Yadav, Mahesh Rathore, Sanjay Yadav Bajrang Dal State Vice President Nandkishore Patidar, Division President Uday Singh Rana, District President Mukesh Patidar during Trishul Convocation and Hindu Conference Metropolitan President Deepak Mali was present.

Will not allow the population of Muslims to increase in the country

Dr. Praveen Togadia insisted on making population law and said that we will not allow the population of Muslims to increase in the country at any cost. Laws will be made for this and somewhere a law is made and if that law is violated, then there is punishment in it. We will make a provision of 10 years imprisonment for Muslims who produce more than two children.

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