Tribal women spoke to the collector: Water has to be brought by going 5 km away, cattle are dying; Prohibition on filling water from private well

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  • Water Has To Be Brought From 5 Km Away, Cattle Are Dying; Prohibition On Filling Water From Private Well

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With the arrival of summer, the water crisis has started deepening. The tribal women of Dhamantuk Gram Panchayat of Badarwas district have appealed to the Collector in a public hearing.

Women say that there is neither water nor electricity in their locality. They have to fetch water from a distance of about 5 to 7 kilometers, while there are other wells in their village, but the villagers do not allow them to fill water from their well, so we have to go outside the village to fetch water. Many cattle have died of thirst due to not being able to supply water for the cattle.

The women said that the sarpanch of the village had dug a well, which has also been left incomplete while the amount has been withdrawn. Many families of the tribal locality are facing a lot of problems, if the collector intervenes in the panchayat and arranges water in the village, then they will get rid of the problem.

Ram Kumar Kushwaha, secretary of Dhamantuk village, says that a well in the tribal locality was dug during the time of the former sarpanch, but due to low water level, its water has dried up, as well as there is a handpump near the Anganwadi in the tribal locality, its water supply Motor is damaged. PHE department has been informed to replace the motor.

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