Unhappy with the collector, the woman warned of self-immolation: the two-page letter itself went viral on social media

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  • Unhappy With The Collector, The Woman Warned Of Self Immolation The Two Page Letter Itself Went Viral On Social Media

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In Betul, Narmadapuram divisional president of Gondwana Gantantra Party, Ranjana Bamne has warned of self-immolation in front of the SDM office on May 26. Lawyer by profession, Ranjana has also shared a two-page information regarding this on social media. In which the self-immolation has been mentioned due to the functioning of the collector. The copy of the letter also mentions the names of the commissioner and the SP. Ranjana wrote that the collector and his reader would be responsible for my self-immolation.

Announcing self-immolation, Ranjana Bamne has written in the letter, being unhappy with the working system of Collector Amanveer Singh Bais. Ranjana wrote that I am the divisional president of Gondwana Gantrat Party and a lawyer by profession. A case of my area Bodkhi Amla was given to Tehsildar Amla about 2 years back for record correction.

In which 2 years ago, while taking action by Sub-Divisional Officer Multai, on 05.12.2022, Case No. 0489 / B 121/2022-23 Mauja Bodkhi party Shankar Singh father Bacha Singh vs Sarvasadharan Collector Betul sent the case to the collector’s office on 07.12.2022 Also received But today even after 6 months, the case has not been sent back from the collector’s office.

Today on 22.05.2023 again as before S. DM Went to the office and asked the reader Suryavanshi Babu, but the case was told not to return till date. Like before, even today the collector’s reader was also called, but even today he replied that the case was not sent.

That’s why I am saddened by the action of the collector.. “The undersigned has decided to commit self-immolation on Friday, 26.05.2023 in front of the SDM office, Amla. So that no misbehavior with our Gondwana Ganatrant Party happens in future and for my self-immolation Collector Amanveer Singh Bais, his Reader and SDM Office Reader Suryavanshi Babu and whoever is delaying the episode. Everyone will be responsible.

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