She demanded “the departure of military rule”… Why did the Mauritanian opposition escalate its demands?

[ad_1] Nouakchott – “We refuse” and “we demand a re-election” and “the departure of the military rule”. Under these and other slogans, the Mauritanian opposition organized yesterday evening, Saturday, a mass rally in the center of the capital, Nouakchott, in rejection of the results of the legislative, regional and municipal elections that took place on […]

Watch.. the context of the development of relations between Saudi Arabia and Iran

[ad_1] During a visit, the first of its kind since the normalization of relations between the two countries, Saudi Foreign Minister Faisal bin Farhan met in Tehran yesterday, Saturday, with his Iranian counterpart, Hussein Amir Abdullahian, as well as Iranian President Ibrahim Raisi. Raisi welcomed the resumption of relations with Saudi Arabia, and said that […]

Dead and missing as a result of a hurricane in southern Brazil

[ad_1] Eleven people were killed and 20 others were missing in a hurricane that hit the far south of Brazil on Thursday and Friday, according to the local government. The government of the southern state of Rio Grande, bordering Uruguay and Argentina, said in a statement that the civil defense service in the state had […]

After the death of a Russian tourist.. Egypt intends to install devices to track sharks

[ad_1] The Egyptian authorities intend to install devices to monitor and track the movements of sharks within days, after one of them attacked a tourist in the Red Sea (east) about a week ago, while a coastal city denied the presence of young fish in its sea in the north of the country. The Anatolia […]

The Wall Street Journal: Why won’t the war in Ukraine stop China from invading Taiwan?

[ad_1] The Wall Street Journal reported that the strategic question preoccupying America and its allies today is: What is the impact of the Russian setbacks in Ukraine on Beijing’s aspirations to swallow Taiwan? Among these questions: Will China be deterred by Russia’s failures in Ukraine and the surprisingly strong Western reaction to the invasion? Or […]

Hopes of finding survivors faded.. Greece decides to stop searching for the asylum seekers boat sinking

[ad_1] Greek media reported that the search for survivors and missing persons from a boat sinking carrying large numbers of asylum seekers off the coast of the country will stop Sunday due to fading hopes of finding new survivors. The Greek Ministry of Navigation said that one of the Egyptian detainees confessed to his participation […]

Behind the news – Why are US tech chiefs heading to China?

[ad_1] video duration 22 minutes 40 seconds 22:40 The “Behind the News” program (17/6/2023) followed the significance of the direction of the heads of major American technology companies to visit China recently, and asked about the message that Beijing wanted to send by receiving its president, Bill Gates, at this time. [ad_2] Source link

Why exacerbated the suffering of the Sudanese stranded on the border with Egypt?

[ad_1] video duration 02 minutes 53 seconds 02:53 The Ishket border crossing with Egypt witnessed a significant decline in the number of Sudanese travelers to Egypt due to the new procedures under which the Egyptian authorities canceled the decision to allow women, children and the elderly to enter without a visa. [ad_2] Source link

The war in Sudan.. Confrontations and new victims in various regions of the country

[ad_1] video duration 02 minutes 38 seconds 02:38 Clashes continued between the Sudanese army and the Rapid Support Forces in the capital, Khartoum, and its environs, and the sound of anti-aircraft guns was heard in the south of Omdurman, central and western Khartoum, in conjunction with the flight of warplanes over the capital. [ad_2] Source […]

Does African mediation succeed in resolving the war crisis in Ukraine?

[ad_1] video duration 03 minutes 44 seconds 03:44 The African mediation delegation held talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin in St. Petersburg, a day after visiting Kiev and meeting President Zelensky. During the meeting, President Putin confirmed his openness to a constructive dialogue. [ad_2] Source link

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