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Israel Radio: The government will ratify today an amendment to a law that shortens the stages of approving settlement construction in the West Bank

[ad_1] Israel Radio: The government will ratify today an amendment to a law that shortens the stages of approving settlement construction in the West Bank [ad_2] Source link

America..Is the world’s largest economy witnessing a new real estate crisis?

[ad_1] Washington – In late May, the famous businessman Elon Musk, owner of Tesla and the social networking site Twitter, said that “commercial real estate prices are falling rapidly, and house prices will follow after that.” This prompted doubts among homeowners, and among those who wanted to buy a new home for the first time […]

Amidst a division of opinion.. A referendum in Mali to change the constitution

[ad_1] Mali voters cast their ballots on Sunday in a referendum on changing the constitution that the ruling military council and regional powers said would pave the way for elections and a return to civilian rule. The military council – which seized power in two coups in 2020 and 2021 – had promised to hold […]

One of the landmarks of the industrial area in Jerusalem.. Grace Murabaa refuses to keep up with technology and resists Judaization attempts

[ad_1] Al-Jazeera Net correspondents Occupied JerusalemHis smile never disappears despite the noise in the industrial area, and the loud sound emanating from turning machines and welding car parts that are busy receiving and delivering some of them inside his garage in the Wadi Al-Joz neighborhood in occupied Jerusalem. Car grease smears his clothes, hands, and […]

New York Times report: Russia has learned from its costly mistakes and changed its military tactics in Ukraine

[ad_1] a statement a report The New York Times reported that the battles taking place in Ukraine proved that the Russian forces had changed their military plans, and showed a “high level of skill” in fighting and using new equipment. The report indicated that Russia had controlled Ukrainian regions from the beginning thanks to the […]

The first of its kind in 5 years.. Blinken arrives in China for a two-day visit

[ad_1] US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken arrived in Beijing for a two-day visit, the first by a US secretary of state in 5 years, amid a chill in bilateral relations and little hope of a breakthrough over a long list of differences between the world’s two largest economies. After the visit was postponed last […]

He appeared in black colors for the first time in his history. The Brazil national team sweeps Guinea in a match against racism

[ad_1] The Brazil national team achieved a big victory over its Guinean counterpart, 4-1, in a friendly match that brought them together on Saturday evening in the Spanish city of Barcelona. In the first half, the “Seleção” players wore full black uniforms to promote a campaign to combat racism. This is the first of two […]

For the 24th week… Demonstrations in Israel against Netanyahu’s plan to reform the judiciary

[ad_1] Israelis demonstrated in Tel Aviv and other cities, Saturday, for the 24th consecutive week against the government’s judicial reform plan, days after opposition leaders suspended their participation in negotiations over this controversial plan. The plan, which the far-right government of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu wants to implement, limits the power of the Supreme Court […]

A big victory for Portugal over Bosnia in the Euro 2024 qualifiers

[ad_1] 6/18/2023–|Last updated: 6/18/202312:22 AM (Mecca time) The Portugal national team achieved an easy victory over its guest, Bosnia and Herzegovina, by 3 goals without a response, on Saturday evening, in the third round of the Group Ten competitions of the European Championship qualifiers (Euro 2024). This round also witnessed the victory of Slovakia over […]

China receives poles of technology and the American economy..Will Washington bargain with trade to end its political crises?

[ad_1] After the successive visits of the heads of major US technology companies to China, many questions were raised about the significance of these visits, and the message that Beijing wanted to send from its reception of the technology and economic poles in the United States of America, and did it find in this way […]

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