A scorer, but addicted to gambling.. The story of the harsh punishment of the English player, Evan Tony

The English Football Association said today, Friday, that the suspension of Brentford’s top scorer Evan Toney from playing the game has been reduced to 8 months, due to his good record, “real regrets” and a diagnosis of gambling addiction.

Tony was suspended and fined 50,000 pounds ($63,000) earlier this month after the 27-year-old England international admitted 232 breaches of the FA’s betting rules, which included betting on matches he played.

The FA Independent Regulatory Committee published its written reasons for the suspension, saying that all parties had reached common ground to reduce the sentence from 11 months to 8 months due to his young age and gambling addiction.

“This includes his relative young age when he began to offend, his good previous record in relation to anything other than offenses on the field, and his genuine remorse which he expressed in clear terms before the committee,” the FA said.

“Additionally and importantly, the panel found that a significant reduction in the length of suspension should be made to reflect the gambling addiction diagnosed (by a psychiatric expert),” he added.

He continued, “He is determined to treat the problem of gambling by undergoing treatment at the end of this season… Taking all these matters into account, the committee reduces the penalty for a period of 3 months.”

The sentence imposed would have been 15 months if Tony did not plead guilty.

Although Tony is suspended until January 16, 2024, he will be allowed to train with his team and regain his physical fitness, starting next September 17.

Of the 262 alleged breaches, the FA said 126 were related to matches in a competition in which the club participated or was eligible to participate.

Tony scored 20 goals in 33 league games with Brentford this season, which ranks ninth in the Premier League standings.

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