Activists steal sheep from the farm of the British King.. What is the story?

Activists from the “Animal Rising” group stole 3 sheep from the Sandringham farm of King Charles III in Norfolk, in a move they wanted to denounce the raising of animals for food purposes, according to what the French Press Agency says.

Pictures published by Animal Rising yesterday, Thursday, via Twitter, showed 3 women stealing 3 sheep from a field in order to “release them,” according to one of them, who confirmed during her interview that she was at Sandringham Farm.

And she continued, “If we had not freed her, she would have been transferred soon to a slaughterhouse, and her meat would have been sold and eaten.”

Animal Rising indicated in a statement that the “rescue” took place on Wednesday evening at around 8:00 pm (19:00 GMT), and that the three activists surrendered to the police.

Norfolk Police confirmed in a statement that three women “voluntarily” went to Slough Police Station, near Windsor, where they were arrested “on suspicion of theft”.

Animal Rising stated that this step marks the beginning of a series of animal “rescue” operations that the group intends to implement during the summer, with the aim of educating the British about the need to change their diet.

The Sandringham estate, which covers an area of ​​​​several thousand hectares and includes forests, plantings and gardens, has been owned by the royal family for 5 generations, and was inherited by Charles III after the death of his mother, Queen Elizabeth II.

Three activists from the environmental group “Just Stop Oil” were arrested in London on Thursday after spraying orange paint on a display at the Chelsea Flower Show, according to Animal Rising.

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