Aspetar Qatari Hospital develops a new technology to treat sports injuries without pain


Doha – Aspetar Orthopedics and Sports Medicine Hospital in the State of Qatar adopts modern techniques using shock waves to treat sports injuries. The modern treatment method works to repair tissues and reduce pain in sports-related injuries, which has a positive effect on the treatment and recovery of athletes.

Aspetar has succeeded in treating many sports enthusiasts and professionals using this therapeutic technique. In recent years, more than 900 professional athletes and 1,500 sports practitioners have been treated with shock waves, with an average of 600 treatment cases performed annually in the hospital. The hospital has thus added new expertise in this field and strengthened its position as a leading destination for treatment and rehabilitation of sports injuries.

The use of shock wave technology contributed to the recovery of athletes significantly, especially in injuries related to sprained ankles, or pain in the tissues after surgery, as well as in knee injuries, as the technology not only contributed to recovery, but also allowed athletes to practice their physical activity better and without suffering from pain.

Shockwave therapy focuses on the use of ultrasound to deliver energy through tissues to a target site in the body, which triggers vital responses, stimulates tissue repair and treats pain.

It is an outpatient, non-surgical alternative to traditional treatment options, and does not require injections or local anesthesia, as treatment protocols use energy gradually using modern devices, which greatly enhances patient comfort during the procedure.

Each shock wave therapy session lasts between 5 and 10 minutes, and for optimal results, it is usually conducted from 1 to 3 sessions spaced over two weeks. .

This technique is commonly used for sports-related injuries or conditions such as calcified tendonitis (shoulder), plantar fasciitis (foot), Achilles tendonitis, patellar tendinitis, and elbow and elbow (tennis elbow) ), trochanteric bursitis (hip), and shin splints, shock wave therapy has become a treatment option for athletes seeking effective recovery.

‘More than a cure’

Aspetar sports medicine physician Dr. Aston Ngai enumerates the benefits of shockwave therapy as a better option than traditional treatment options, and says, “It is not only a non-surgical treatment, but also has tissue regeneration and pain-relieving properties, moreover, it usually enables athletes to resume their physical activities without a long rest period.

“Studies show that shock wave therapy achieves better results when combined with physical therapy, making it a comprehensive approach to sports injury rehabilitation,” Ngai added.

Aspetar’s future plans include a multidisciplinary approach, in which shockwave therapy can be combined with various other treatments such as platelet-rich plasma and adipose tissue-derived cells, as well as cartilage reconstructive surgery and rehabilitation, leading to tissue repair and pain reduction to unprecedented levels. preceded.

By leveraging these complementary therapies, Aspetar aims to improve patients’ recovery experience.

Furthermore, the Qatari hospital plans to maximize the potential of shock wave therapy for tendon and joint conditions, with a focus on tissue regeneration and repair. This commitment to developing regenerative medicine will provide athletes with new hope for healing and recovery.

While shock wave therapy offers a great treatment option, it is essential that it be used by experienced experts to avoid any side effects. Patients may experience mild pain during treatment, along with petechiae (pink red spots on the skin), mild swelling, dizziness, or in rare cases tendon rupture when very high energy levels are used. However, under the expertise of Aspetar’s highly skilled medical team, these risks are closely monitored and managed to ensure patient safety.

Aspetar is committed to providing outstanding medical services for the treatment of sports injuries, striving for excellence in patient care, and continually raising the bar in the field of regenerative medicine. With a consistent strategy, Aspetar works to provide the best treatment experience for various athletes around the world by using the latest therapeutic technologies.

Aspetar and the Qatar World Cup

It is noteworthy that Aspetar Hospital has been a haven for many world football stars for treatment in recent years for their injuries, and an ideal destination to undergo rehabilitation programs for recovery and performance development, especially before the Qatar World Cup 2022.

And because he does not announce the names of all the stars who come for treatment in the Qatari hospital, Al-Jazeera Net has obtained from private sources a list of more than 100 players, including the most prominent stars of some teams participating in the World Cup who are currently in Qatar, and have previously visited Aspetar Hospital for treatment. Or seek medical advice and sports rehabilitation, whether he announced his attendance or not.

The list includes the names of the most prominent stars of the Brazilian, Argentine and French national teams, who chose treatment in Aspetar and considered it an ideal place to treat their injuries, to glow again in the European fields, and perhaps it may be a reason for their brilliance in the current World Cup, but there are other names that may be surprising. It also benefited from the medical support provided by Aspetar, including Argentine star Lionel Messi.


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Aspetar Qatari Hospital develops a new technology to treat sports injuries without pain

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