Beijing conducts maneuvers in the East China Sea and US exercises in the Philippine Sea


Today, Tuesday, the Chinese army began naval maneuvers extending from the East China Sea to the northern Taiwan region, while the United States and some of its allies will conduct military exercises next Friday in the Philippine Sea.

Beijing regularly conducts military exercises along its coasts, but today’s exercises are taking place near the self-governing island of Taiwan, which China considers part of its territory.

And the Chinese Maritime Safety Administration issued an alert that the military exercises area in which civilian ships are prohibited from sailing, and includes the area located in the coast of Taizhou, not far from the Daqin Islands near Taiwan.

China will also conduct other military exercises in the northeastern China Sea, which will continue until after noon on Wednesday.

quad manoeuvres

The Chinese maneuvers come before the quadruple maneuvers that will start next Friday in the Philippine Sea, and are carried out by the United States, Japan, Canada and France, and the battle group of the US aircraft carriers “Nimts” and “Ronald Reagan” participates in it.

In a related context, Chinese official media reported that Beijing had sent the maritime patrol ship “Haixun-3” to the Paracel Islands in the South China Sea, which are disputed islands between China, Vietnam, Malaysia, Brunei and the Philippines.

The ship is scheduled to patrol the navigation path in the surrounding waters, communications equipment, beacons, buoys, and other navigational facilities until early July.

Haishun-3 is China’s largest patrol vessel, with a length of more than 128 meters and a width of 16 meters.

And the Taiwanese Ministry of Defense reported that 4 military aircraft and 4 warships of the Chinese army had been tracked in the vicinity of Taiwan during the past 24 hours. The ministry said that it had sent combat patrol aircraft and warships to warn the Chinese side, and had also deployed missile systems to monitor the activity of Chinese aircraft.


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Beijing conducts maneuvers in the East China Sea and US exercises in the Philippine Sea

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