Between condemnation and justification… The execution of a donkey in Aden ignites controversy in Yemen

The execution of a donkey by a Yemeni security personnel by firing squad in a police station in one of the cities of the interim Yemeni capital, Aden, sparked widespread reactions, between condemnation and justification, while some considered it a violation of the country’s livestock.

In the Tawahi city police station, a security personnel shot a donkey that had been seized by a number of citizens and taken to the station, fearing that it had contracted rabies after it had bitten a number of children.

Yemeni activists circulated pictures that they said were of children who were bitten by a donkey, one of whom was 8 years old who bit him in the hand and is currently in hospital, while his father said that the donkey is wild and poses a threat to all children.

Activists also circulated a picture of a four-year-old girl who was bitten by a donkey in the face and left rib, and her condition is serious.

The people took the donkey to the police station in the city of Tawahi, and tied it to its yard behind a police car, while one of the people was about to shoot him, before he retreated, so that one of the security personnel shot the donkey, and he fell to the ground.

And the local Aden website quoted a police source as saying that the police executed the donkey for fear that it would be frantic and infect other children, while the donkey’s body was later moved to a remote place, where it was thrown.

Denial and rejection

And the “Shabakat” program (16/5/2023) followed some of the Yemeni comments on the execution of a donkey in this way, including what Wassim Saad wrote, “The Tawahi police execute a donkey without pity, O people, let God have mercy on us.. What are these criminal acts? God is sufficient for us, and He is the best disposer of affairs “.

While Shaddad Al-Tawairi considered in his tweet, “Shooting a donkey is a violation of the right of animal wealth and a stripping of human values, principles and morals.” Abdel Aziz tweeted, “These people can kill a person in cold blood in the same way.. He who does not hesitate to kill a harmless animal does not hesitate to kill him.” human soul.”

While Khaled Haydan, in his tweet, praised the person who retracted from shooting the donkey, considering that an expression of his humanity, and added: “The issue is difficult to imagine, and for the first time such an incident occurs, I mean execution. I imagine that there were other steps that could have been taken other than inhumane disposal and also filming the event”.

On the other hand, Adel Al-Maduri wrote, “The donkey bit a girl in Al-Tawahi, Al-Shoula neighborhood, and she is in a serious condition in the hospital. It does not deserve to be inhabited by donkeys and its children targeted.”

Yemeni media reports indicate a recent recovery in the donkey trade in Aden, as a result of the deterioration of services, the high prices of oil derivatives, and the high transportation costs.

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